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Corn flour processing machine

Processing Capacity : 10-300tons/24 hours
Application Scope : flour production of corn and rice
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  Our Company has the ability to manufacture, install and commission completes sets of Corn flour processing machine. It is in charge of training the staff's operating technology, helping the project implementation and starting the market, enabling the user project to develop smoothly and win huge profits.

  Our corn milling equipment is an efficient high-tech corn flour processing line. This is widely used in the corn processing and rice flour with semi-dry methods. Our company's corn milling equipment has been rationally designed and developed by more than 20 years of corn milling experts, our company's corn milling equipment is about 5-8% higher than the corn milling equipment on the market, ensuring the quality of corn flour. National standards. This device is compact in structure, reliable in operation, easy to maintain, and has good performance. Meet different customer requirements and have large capacity.

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corn flour processing machine

 making corn flour machine for sale is an efficient corn flour processing line with high technology. Using semi-dry method, widely used for corn and rice flour processing industry. There are our national  patent for invention machines to raise the corn flour rate and ensure the corn flour quality. This equipment has good features for its compact structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance. It’s big capacity range to meet different customer’s requirements.


Corn processing equipment uses (dry) mixed peel off embryos technology, can also produce different size of low-fat corn grits, corn flour corn bran. I developed the latest 30-500 tons of corn processing equipment.



Characteristics of complete equipment for Corn processing


1-Realize systematic processing, short time and high efficiency.


2-Advanced technology and reasonable structure design.


3-stainless steel material, durable.


4-realize the full automatic processing scale.


5- improve the quality of products, enrich the variety of products. 6, this kind of corn processing equipment investment is small, energy saving, the realization of joint production and other advantages.



Equipment technical index


1-product types: corn grits, corn flour, corn bran.


2- Power consumption: tons of corn consumption around 50-60 


3-degrees:the yield of finished products: corn grits, corn flour slag 45-55%; 30-20%; corn bran, germ 25%, corn grits, corn flour produced the total rate of 75-80%.



Product quality index


1-corn powder thickness: 40-150 mesh (thickness adjustable).


2-the sediment concentration is less than 0.002%: 3, magnetic metal content: not more than 0.003g/kg


4-water storage type: 13.5-14.5%


5-colors: pink, smell, smell, taste normal.

        The single equipment needed for corn processing equipment mainly includes: high efficiency multi-function crusher, high efficiency vibrating screen, gravity classifying stone removing machine, magnetic separator, corn peeling machine, corn degerming machine, high square filter (single), high efficiency warehouse single flat screen, high efficiency double warehouse flat screen, special suction corn processing fan, corn tamping machine, fabric pulse filter, circulating air selector, hoist bucket, screw conveyor, etc., Kaifeng Sida Agricultural Products Equipment Co., Ltd. Engineers will configure production lines that are most efficient according to the customer's actual needs.

Service size

1. The company provides drawings, infrastructure drawings, installation drawings and processing equipment process flow charts.

2. Our company is responsible for pre-production inspection and installation and commissioning of equipment, and training technicians. Help users provide sales of starch and gluten.

3, equipment implements three guarantees, one year warranty period, free lifetime maintenance, spare parts supply long-term cost price.

Corn flour processing machine one day throughput

      Nissan 20 tons of corn flour equipment - Nissan 30 tons of corn flour equipment - Nissan 50 tons of corn flour equipment - Nissan 100 tons of corn flour equipment - Nissan 200 tons of corn flour equipment - Nissan 300 tons of corn flour equipment - Nissan 600 tons of corn flour equipment - Nissan 800 tons of corn flour equipment

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