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Flour starch drying machine

Processing Capacity : 10-300tons/24 hours
Application Scope : Starch production of cassavacassava root
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Cassava dryer machine-Cassava dryer

Cassava dryer usage:

Flour starch drying machine

Cassava dryer is mainly applicated in the drying stahe in cassava starch production and cassava flour production line. After dewatering, the wet starch normally with moisture around 38%, which need to de dried to a moisture content of 14% for easy storage. Cassava dryer uses the hot air to take away the mositure inside the wet starch, then the cassava dryer will output the quality dry starch. Then the dry starch can be packed for stock or sale.

Daily maintenance for cassava dryer:

1. Check the automatic drain valve on the pre-filter every day.

2. Check operating conditions, inlet pressure, inlet temperature and air flow.

3. Check the moisture indicator of cassava dryer.

4. Check if the muffler is dirty. If the regenerative tower back pressure is too large, the muffler needs to be replaced.

5. Check the pressure drop of the pre-filter and the post-filter. If cassava dryer pressure drop exceeds 0.5 bar, replace the filter element.

Introduction of cassava dryer machine:

Cassava dryer machine is suitable for various kinds of starch dry, such as potato starch, cassava starch ,corn starch, wheat starch. It is can also be used for drying other low-temperature quick drying heat sensitive powder or flake materials.

Working principle:

Cassava dryer machine, also known as air dryer machine, consists of the feeding machine, fan, a drying tube, pulse device, cyclone separator, wind closing device, an electric control cabinet etc.

During the machine working, wet starch and hot air in the traction fan simultaneously into the drying tube, full contact with each other for heat exchange so as to dry starch, and finally the dried starch is separated by the cyclone separator.

Main features of cassava dryer machine:

High drying intensity, just need a few seconds for dry wet starch drying;

The feeding system of cassava dryer machine is equipped with a stirring device, which can break wet starch even break up lumps to facilitate drying;

Dried material is loose powder which can be packed directly;

Cassava dryer machine is made of high quality stainless steel, meet the requirements of food requirement.

Cassava dryer machine advantages:

1. High dry strength, low equipment investment, high evaporation capacity;

2. Short drying time, suitable for heat sensitive materials, sealed system of cassava dryer machine prevent products from contacting with the outside world, no pollution, good quality;

3. Complete sets of equipment, the heat source can be steam heating or supporting the use of coal, fuel, gas hot blast stove etc.

The application of cassava dryer machine:

1. Sweet potato starch production line

2. Potato starch production line

3. Cassava starch production line

4. Cassava flour production line

5. Corn starch production line

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