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Horizontal centrifugal sieve

Processing Capacity : 10-300tons/24 hours
Application Scope : Starch production of cassavacassava root
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Horizontal centrifugal sieve-Starch centrifugal sieve-Centrifugal sieve

Description of starch centrifugal sieve

The starch centrifugal sieve is specially used in separation of fiber and starch. The body has a fully high quality stainless structure, with the character of anti- erosion, anti- oil, and anti-dirty through a special surface treatment. Sieve basket is the key assembly and it must be strictly checked with centrifugal balance test by authoritative department to make sure its stable running. The centrifugal sieve with high capacity, reasonable power efficiency, and high starch extraction ratio.

When the starch centrifugal sieve running, the starch slurry enters the bottom of the sieve basket, and then under the effect of centrifugal force and gravity, the slurry goes a complex curve movement toward the bigger size direction, even rolling. In the process, the bigger impurities arrive the outer edge of the sieve basket, collecting in the slag collection chamber, whist the starch particle which size is smaller than the mesh fall into the starch powder collection chamber.

The starch centrifugal sieve has spray nozzle device both in the back and front of the sieve basket. By spraying washing water, the material move speed is accelerated whist the starch particles are easy to separate from the fiber slag.

Horizontal centrifugal sieve is a professional starch extraction equipment for potato starch production, mainly usde for potato starch fiber separation and starch extraction. Compared to vertical centrifugal sieve, the horizontal centrifugal sieve has advantages as below:

1. Llarger capacity, more stable, higher potato starch extraction rate, more thorough discharging and easy to install.

2. This horizontal centrifugal sieve fully automatic design, controlled by CIP system, easy to operation.

3. Under the action of the backwash tube on the back of the screen, it can remove the fine particles adsorbed by the sieve, effectively avoid the sieve blocking and ensure the normal operation of the centrifugal sieve.

Horizontal centrifugal sieve working principle:


Potato after rasping, the potato starch milk enter the bottom of the sieve evenly, the sieve basket make high speed rotation driven by the drive part. The starch milk enters the sieve surface through the powder mechanism. Under the action of gravity and centrifugal force, the starch milk moves in a circle along the sieve and moves along the edge of the sieve. Under the washing water system, small starch granules discharge from the sieve in the processing, large starch granules can't through the sieve of horizontal centrifugal sieve, gradually sinking into the slag bin and discharged by the slag pump. The potato residue and starch milk are continuously washed in the process of moving to the edge of the sieve basket, maximum removal of free starch adsorbed in starch milk. Then the clean starch slurry can be processing in the following section.

Characteristics of the starch centrifugal sieve

1.The stainless steel material to prevent starch pollution;

2.The starch centrifugal sieve surface is treated in a special process, beautiful and oil & dirt resistance;

3.Its mesh is manufactured by special plate, beautiful and durable;

4.The rotating sieve basket is corrected by the authority balancing accuracy to ensure that the starch centrifugal sieve running smoothly;

5.The devices features big capacity, reasonable allocation of power, high starch extraction rate, easily installed.

Usage of starch centrifugal sieve

The starch centrifugal sieve is widely used for separation starch and fiber in wheat/cassava/potato starch plant.

Advantages of centrifugal sieve:

(1) Motor of lower placement for better stability;

(2) Applying stainless steel compound wedge wire plate for higher efficiency.

(3) Completely closed combination structure, no intermediate tanks needed for starch centrifugal sieve;

(4) No dead corner, resulting in no bacteria and conforming to food hygienic requirements;

Application of horizontal centrifugal sieve

1. Sweet potato starch production line

2. Potato starch production line

3. Cassava starch production line

4. Corn starch production line

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