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Potato starch processing equipment

Kaifeng sida agricultural products equipment co., ltd. was established in 1994, with 36 million registered assets of 333.33 million, covers an area of 50,000 square meters, the annual output value of 100 million yuan.The company is a set of research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, installation as one of the complete set of agricultural products processing equipment professional company.The company has 15 national invention patents and passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification (international quality management system), BV certificate, and has the European welder certificate.The company specializing in the production of various kinds of starch processing equipment, flour processing equipment, processing equipment of sweet potato starch and potato starch processing equipment wheat, potato starch processing equipment, processing equipment, valley yuan powder processing equipment, processing equipment of cassava starch and cassava flour processing equipment, radix puerariae, processing equipment, banana taro processing equipment, syrup, starch processing equipment, production line for fans, gluten machine drying equipment make products such as processing equipment, using corn, corn, rice, broken rice directly into glucose syrup, fructose syrup and malt syrup.Our equipment is exported to many countries, such as the United States, France, Britain, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, India, Bulgaria, Russia, Indonesia and so on


Potato starch processing production line

The potato is also called the potato, potato starch production equipment is my company's leading products, the company constantly innovation, in 20 years to learn the advanced experience of foreign imported equipment improved, therefore the small potato starch processing equipment at home in the first column, production line, the purification hydrocyclone airflow collision drying equipment with the national advanced patent, complete sets of production lines, nissan 5 tons. 10 tons of refined starch production line sales ranking first in the country, now has a complete set of production equipment and advanced testing equipment (all big switch equipment to do dynamic balance test,Starch complete sets of equipment products in China is the first to obtain the ISO9001 certification, the company is still trying to produce more advanced production complete sets of equipment.

Advanced potato starch processing equipment and process:

Potato - (cleaning machine) to clean (clean rotor cage), grinding mill (hammer type crusher or file) and plasma slag separation (the pressure screen or centrifugal screen, slag slurry separation screen) - in addition to the sand (desander) - protein fiber separation (disc separator, enrichment purification unit cyclone) to dehydration (centrifuge or vacuum dewatering machine), drying (domestic only for a national patent cryogenic 50 degrees airflow collision starch dryers) - packaging warehousing.If the whole production process adopts the new automatic starch processing production line of sida company in kaifeng city, it only takes 30 minutes from the fresh potato of agricultural products to the finished starch packaging and storage, featuring high quality, high efficiency, energy saving and labor saving.

Potato starch processing and production process

Introduction of main equipment of potato starch processing production line

1. Cleaning and conveying feeding: small type of two-stage cleaning and conveying.Scale is bigger again with 3 class clean, clean to make raw material clean, must use clean turn a cage, perhaps go stone machine, so that will silt, stone, iron pledges the impurity such as article clean, and still can achieve the purpose that saves manpower and water resource.

Potato cleaning conveyor

2, crushing: using file mill or hammer crusher will be fresh potato crushing a complete, crushing moderate granule, starch granule, good quality, high or low output, according to the need to choose different specifications of equipment.Especially hammer type crusher, its durability is good, not easy to damage, and easy to repair.


3, desanding: now, quite a number of small factory, developed from manual mill production, high sediment concentration in starch, the taste is rather poor, greatly affected the sales and price of starch, dampened the enthusiasm of producers, use our bed cleaning desander, can remove sediment in the starch, make the product quality on a class, this device is simple, obvious effect, can make the starch sediment concentration below 0.3%, and the bed cleaning process continuity.

4, slurry and slag separation: slurry and slag separation is an important link in the production of starch, this process and crushing process determines the yield of starch, the factory for the sake of the receiving party, from small to large, design and produce a series of slurry and slag separation equipment.For small, due to the site and economic conditions and production scale and other objective conditions constraints, both want to produce more, but also to save money, and to pulp and slag separation clean, our company developed a flat horizontal type growth horizontal screen, both economic and practical.To medium-sized manufacturers, there has been the use of centrifugal screen (centrifugal screen speed of 1800-2000 RPM), it is the use of high speed rotation of the centrifugal force produced by the slurry slag separation.Large-scale manufacturers, the use of today's advanced equipment - stainless steel pressure curved screen, and the new vertical centrifugal screen slurry slag separation effect has a further guarantee.

5, protein separation: in the processing process of potato starch, the protein contained in the potato must be separated, this separation process in the processing process called purification process.The equipment used is also called purification equipment.It consists of a spinner, a cyclone, which separates the protein from the starch.Yellow powder in the starch content in the food industry is not very strict, but in the industrial grade starch, especially in modified starch requirements are quite strict, so, in order to produce higher grade starch, must have purification equipment as a guarantee.


6. Dehydration: there are three kinds of dehydration: three-legged centrifuge, automatic scraper centrifuge and vacuum filter.One of the vacuum filter performance is good, it not only works smoothly (3-5 revolutions per minute), but also energy efficient, dehydration effect is better than 35% water.

7. Drying: the starch drying equipment of the company has been identified as a new technology promotion product by the technical appraisal general station of the ministry of agriculture of China, and has passed the provincial scientific and technological achievements appraisal and won the first prize.Domestic only for a national patent (patent no. 10086403.8 zl2006) cryogenic 50 degrees airflow collision starch dryers, popular at home and abroad, its characteristic is easy installation, concentrated heating, with heat and energy saving effect is remarkable, 50 degrees in low temperature drying ensures its original flavor of starch, specially for the drying of starch with secondary processed into starch vermicelli, effectively keep the high quality of the product.

Starch dryer

Potato starch processing technology three-dimensional diagram

Biwei international inspection, our welders have European welding certificate, we are European process, Asian price.

Part of sida's patent honors

Processing capacity of potato starch processing equipment: 5 tons of potato starch per day, 10 tons of potato starch per day, 20 tons of potato starch per day, 30 tons of potato starch per day, 50 tons of potato starch per day, 100 tons of potato starch processing equipment per day

Service measures

1, the company provides wheat starch processing equipment, sweet potato starch processing equipment, potato starch processing equipment, cassava starch processing equipment, pueraria starch processing equipment plant drawings, infrastructure drawings, installation drawings, process flow chart.

2. Our company is responsible for the preliminary investigation of the production area of equipment, the later installation and debugging, and the training of technical personnel.To help users to provide starch and gluten sales.

3, equipment implementation of three guarantees, warranty period of one year, free maintenance for life, long-term cost price supply spare parts.

Need to understand the sweet potato starch processing equipment, potato starch processing equipment, cassava starch processing equipment, kudzu root starch processing equipment, the friends of banana starch processing equipment, can contact our technical, 24 hour consultation telephone 。kaifeng sida promise: customers buy our equipment, we ensure the quality and production technology process and after-sales service.Give me a chance, I will give you perfect service.

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