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Automatic Wheat starch producing line

 Wheat starch production line 

Product Description

What is wheat starch ?

          Wheat starch is a powder produced by removing the proteins, including gluten, from wheat flour.  Wheat starch granules are divided in two groups by size, B-starch (15 - 20 %)  and the larger A-starch granules (80 - 85 %) .  Wheat starch is used as a thickening agent and stabilizer in gravies and processed foods. It is also used as an ingredient in food sweeteners, such as glucose syrup, malotdextrins and dextrose.

What is wheat gluten ? 

      Gluten is proteins of the wheat. Gluten forms long molecules insoluble in water. This gives dough its characteristic texture and permits breads and cakes to rise because the carbon dioxide released by the yeast is trapped in the gl

       Gluten is particular important in the manufacture of starch from wheat because gluten is a most valuable by-product representing half the turnover. In fact the starch is by some manufacturers considered the by-product and gluten the main product.

What is wheat starch production porcess ? 

     Wheat starch and gluten can be produced by a number of methods and all of them use wheat flour as input feed. There are three main method of  wheat starch production processes : 1. Traditioanl Martin method  ; 2 .  Hydro cyclone Method ; 3.  Three-phase Method or Tri-canter method.

     Each of above wheat starch production method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some are very good for high capacities production lines; some are good for small and economic lines. Depends on customers requirement, we will choose the best suit method considering, capacity, quality, investment budget and etc.

Some main machine of wheat starch production line 

1. Gluten making machine 

 2. Centrifuge sieve

3. Hydro cyclone group

4.  Tri-canter

5. Vacuum dehydrator

6.  Starch Dryer machine

7. Vital wheat gluten dryer machine

Hydrocyclone Method of wheat starch production line introduction : 

         Hydrocyclone process is one kind method of wheat starch and gluten production. The hydrocyclone method finished product wheat starch quality is better than martin method and  need lower investment than tri-canter method . It is very suit for medium size wheat starch plant and the wheat processing plant .   

Brief intorduction of wheat starwch HYDROCYCLONE PROCESS:

1 . Dough making and washing :

        Wheat flour and water mixed together in a certain ratio to form dough in gluten making machine.  After a certain time , washihg dough 4~5 times to sepatate gluten and wheat starch slurry. (If the main product is wheat gluten ,  one step can get the wet gluten from wheat flour.) 

2 .  B-starch & A-starch Separation

       The wheat starch slurry is pumped to to hydrocyclone units . B-starch is separated from A-starch and leave the hydrocyclone as light phase (overflow) to gravity sieves.A-starch leaves the hydrocyclone as heavy phase and goes to rotary sieve to separate fiber.

3 .  A-starch Refining , Concentration and drying

      After separation of fibers from A-starch, it goes to another hydrocyclone units for starch washing and concentration.

      Concentrated A-starch then dewatered by means of  Vaccum dehydrator machine and is dried by an airflow starch dryer.

4 . Gluten Washing and Drying

       Gluten form gluten macking machine goes to gluten washing machine .After washing and dewatering by means of screw press, it is dried by a gluten dryer.

5 .  B-starch Concentration and Dewatering

       B-starch  is concentrated by means of high speed disc separator. Concentrated B-starch leaves disc separator to centrifuge decanter for dewatering. Dewatered B-starch is dryed to commercial B-starch by means of airflow starch dryer.

Final product Wheat starch 

Final product Wheat gluten powder

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4.Technical service

5.After-sales service:engineers available to service machinery overseas.

Company Information

          Kaifeng Sida Agricultural Products Equipment Co.,Ltd is professional manufacturer for production of agriculture products deep-processing complete equipment. Possessing fixed assets of RMB 6.6 million, covering an area of 33,335 square meters, with an annual production value of RMB 50 million, the company has got a lot of awards. Owned 11 national practical patents, it passed the accreditation of ISO90001 (international quality management system certification). Mr. Zhang Shiling, vice-chairman of CCOIC Henan, president of Kaifeng Sida Agricultural Products Equipment Co.,Ltd. It is the R&D base of agricultural products deep-processing complete equipment of Technical Institute of China Agricultural University.

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