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Modern technology airstream starch dryer

TYPE QZWG Air-stream crash dryer, is a kind of new energy-saving drying equipment, which is declared as Chinese national invention patent. NO: ZL 200610086403.8 . The main fuel is coal. The freezing air becomes dry hot blast through the hot blast stove, which is appearing as suspended state with bulk material. It causes the gas and solid to go forward at higher speed in parallel. At the same time the water is vaporized in order to dry material.

3-1. Main structure

Stove, feeder, drying tube, crash chamber, drying blower, vortex dryer, gas and solid separator, dry powder sifter etc.


1. All stainless steel 304 cover meets to GMP standard.


 2. After-sales Service Provided Engineers available to service machinery overseas for one year.


3. Gelatinization temperature of other starches:

Corn starch: 62 - 72°C;        Cassava starch: 59 - 69°C;

Potato starch: 58 - 68°C;            Wheat starch: 58 - 64°C

All kinds of grain powder


4. Low energy consumption, high capacity, fine particles, easy installation, stable operation and friendly maintenance.

5. Air Flow Dryer Assembly is latest invention patented product. The used the special hydromechanics characteristic. It improves the dry strength, the effect of head transfer, the head transfer coefficient of the gas and solid, and the volume. At present it is the first choice for drying high moisture and bulk material.

Compare with tower type starch dryer, air stream crash dryer has two advantages:

1.   Save heat energy source. The work pressure of heat exchanger is 0.4 - 0.5 MP (0.6 - 0.8 MP for tower type starch dryer), drying temperature solid mixing is ≤55°C (≥65°C for tower type starch dryer). It saves heat energy source 5 – 8% as reducing work pressure and drying temperature. If produce starch 100T/d, it saves stream 4 – 6 T/d; the price of steam is RMB200/T, it will save RMB200/T x 5T/d = RMB1000/d, and RMB1000/d x 300days = RMB300000/year.

2.  Starch quantity is very good. the initializing temperature for sweet potato gelatinization is 58°C, the final temperature for sweet potato gelatinization is 72°C. Although tower type starch dryer is a flash stream drying, the drying temperature reaches to gelatinization temperature. So there is some starch gelatinization. And there is a little of yellow suspended solids after mixing water. But, for air steam crash dryer, the temperature is lower gelatinization temperature, so it guarantees quality of the starch.

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