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Cassava starch processing machinery

Cassava is widely plant in Africa and has advantage of easy-growing and high yield. It is best choice for starch processing in Africa area. The used cassava starch processing machine used for cassava starch processing includes dry sieve, paddle washing machine, rasper, centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve, desander, hydrocyclone station, peeler centrifuge, flash dryer, automatic packing machine and automatic control system.

Cassava starch processing machine

Cassava starch processing machine

Here is the detail introduction of cassava starch processing machine

1.Dry sieve for cassava cleaning: Dry sieve is the widely used cassava starch processing machine for cleaning process. It has the function of cleaning and transportation of cassava. And the main features of dry sieve is simple structure, reasonable speed and no damage to material.

2.Paddle washing machine for cassava washing: This cassava starch processing machine here serves to remove the outer skin of the root as well as the adhering dirt. It features with large capacity, low water consumption and good washing effect.

3.Rasper for cassava crushing: Crushing is the most important procedure in cassava starch production line, therefore the rasper is the most important cassava starch processing machine. The main function of rasper is to extract starch as much as possible to get high yield of cassava starch.  rasper is an advanced machine which introduces Sweden SKF bearing and Germany Optibelt. The breaking rate can reach up to 95%.

Cassava starch processing machine

Cassava crushing machine

4.Centrifuge sieve for slurry and residue separation: Centrifuge sieve is an important cassava starch processing machine used for separating fiber from starch slurry. This machine adopts the automatic front and back washing system which not only guarantees the good penetration of screen but also ensures the machine operate effectively and steadily for a long time.

5. Fine fiber sieve for further separating: Fine fiber sieve is another cassava starch processing machine used for starch separation which utilizes low centrifugal force to further separate fine fibers out of starch slurry. It has the features of good separation effect, large capacity and low power consumption.

6.Desander: The main function of this cassava starch processing machine is to remove sand from cassava starch slurry so as to reduce the ash of starch and improve the taste of final products. It features with convenient operation and friendly maintenance.

Cassava starch processing machine

Cassava starch refining machine

7.Hydrocyclone station: Hydrocyclone station is widely used cassava starch processing machine for removing insoluble protein, residue soluble protein and cell sap. Full hydrocyclone separation system can achieve the concentration, refining and recycling of cassava starch. The hydrocyclone pipe is made from strengthened nylon which offers long services life.

8.Peeler centrifuge: Peeler centrifuge is a cassava starch processing machine which adopts continuous operation and intermittent discharging. It is mainly used for starch dewatering process which can effectively decrease moisture content to 36.5%. The contact part of this machine is stainless steel which prevent cassava from pollution.

9. Flash dryer for starch drying: Flash dryer widely applies to various kind of starch drying, which includes potato starch, sweet potato starch, cassava starch and so on. After drying, the water content is about 12%-14%. The whole machine adopts negative pressure system which can not only effectively control the loss of starch but also purify the working environment to ensure the final starch quality. The main features of this cassava starch processing machine are short drying time, high heat exchange rate and easy operation.

Cassava starch processing machine

Cassava starch drying machine

10.Automatic packing machine: This is a cassava starch processing machine used for packing final cassava starch for storage or marketing. This machine can be designed according to requirements. It has the features of save labors and high efficient.

11.Automatic control system: The last cassava starch processing machine is automatic control system which consists of MCC operation cabinet, OCC control cabinet, LCB cabinet and matched CCTV monitoring system. It can help control the whole cassava starch processing procedure to ensure the quality of cassava starch.

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