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Kudzu starch processing equipment

The process and production process of pueraria starch production line are similar to that of cassava starch production equipment. In fact, it is also a physical separation process, that is, cellulose, protein and other substances in pueraria are separated from starch.


Processing process of pueraria starch equipment:

The starch production line of kudzu root of sida company adopts the wet processing technology of starch production, without adding any additives. The whole process has mature technology, advanced equipment, scientific configuration and reasonable technology.Starch production process is designed according to cleaning - breaking - screening - sand - concentration and refining - dehydration - drying seven sections.


Especially pulp and screener sida equipment company of national patent products - crushing and fine crushing two-way process, through crushing thoroughly, starch free radical, flour extraction rate is high, the unique technology of multistage crush, multi-stage filtration cycle in turn, crushing the filtered ge residue in silk hair, with a low energy consumption, high extraction yield and starch quality advantages, improves the production efficiency of production line and starch extraction yield.

Applicable objects and features:

It is suitable for large starch processing factories and customers with kudzu as raw material. The whole process of this technology is operated automatically from raw material cleaning, crushing, starch extraction, fine filtration, sand removal, concentration, refining, dehydration, drying and so on. The equipment has a high degree of automation.The differences between standard pueraria starch processing equipment and economy type are as follows: 1. Equipment configuration: standard type is more complete than economy type, with higher equipment configuration.2. Equipment material: the standard equipment is usually equipped with stainless steel material, which makes the equipment safer.3. Processing capacity: the standard type has stronger processing capacity than the economic type, which is suitable for the standardized starch production and manufacturing enterprises.

Process flow:

Belt conveyer - spiral washer - stone removal washer - paddle washer - new cage washer - crushing + crushing - net fine filter (round basket)- desander -18- starch refining and concentration system - vacuum dehydrator - dryer.

Main indicators:

Kudzu raw material requirements: fresh, no mildew, no large amount of sediment;

Water supply requirements: turbidity<0.1, hardness < 100, SO2<0.55 PPM, iron <0.9 PPM;

No floating objects, pressure > 0.2mpa;Water consumption: 2 ~ 3 tons of water per ton of fresh kudzu

Auxiliary facilities

Transformer and distribution cabinet, water supply system, corresponding warehouse and stacking site, micro powder collection tank, transfer tank, etc

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