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The difference between cassava and sweet potato starch in composition and application

The difference between cassava and sweet potato starch in composition and application is enormous.Obviously, the raw materials of the two are different, sweet potato flour is the raw material, cassava is the raw material, so the difference between the two aspects is still very big.


sweet potato starch

First, the composition is different


In addition to containing a lot of starch, tapioca also contains a toxin called linseed bitter, which, when eaten, produces hydrocyanic acid under the action of gastric acid, which is harmful to the human body.So food cassava starch must be detoxified treatment, or great harm to the human body.

Sweet potato powder is mainly starch, does not contain any toxins, but also should not eat too much, more can not replace dinner with sweet potato powder products for a long time.Because sweet potato powder nutrient composition is less, long-term generation eat with insufficient supply body needs all sorts of nutrition.However, sweet potato powder products are easy to satiate after eating, suitable for weight loss.

Second, different USES

In Africa, cassava flour is often used for a variety of foods because cassava is very adaptable, resistant to drought and drought, and is common in Africa.


In most parts of China, tapioca is mostly used as animal feed or food additive, but in Taiwan, people like to use it to make taro balls, which taste very soft.


Mechanical sweet potato vermicelli

Sweet potato powder can be used to make noodles, noodles, jelly and other food.With sweet potato powder processing vermicelli elastic better, taste also smooth, but also to choose the right vermicelli machine.

The price of cassava flour is much lower than that of sweet potato flour. In order to reduce the cost, some businesses will add cassava flour when processing the vermicella. Not to mention the poor taste of the vermicella, whether cassava flour has been detoxified is still a big safety hazard.

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