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China hot sale corn mill machine with price

China hot sale corn mill machine with price


corn mill corn mill

corn mill photo


Product Description

The processing of corn mill adopts combined de-husking and de-germing technology, and it can produce different granularity of low-fat corn grits, corn flour , corn germ and corn bran. Corn grits and corn flour are suitable for foodstuffs factories, alcohol plants, wine plants, breweries, lactic acid factories, corn sugar mills and other processing enterprises using corn as material. They are also ideal foodstuffs for urban residents to have better life. Corn germ can be used for making corn oil. Corn bran can be used for feeds(It can be directly packed without drying).



Our corn mill production process :

corn mill corn mill



Series of corn mill machinery:


1. Corn mill equipment technical parameters:


1).Product variety: corn grit, corn flour , corn germ and corn bran.


2).Electricity consumption: about 60kwh for one ton of corn


3). Rate of finished product: corn grit: about 45~55%; corn flour: about 20~30%; corn germ about 10% , corn bran about 25%. The total rate of corn grits and corn flour is about 75~80%.


2. Finished Product Indexes:


1).Fineness of corn flour: 40~150 meshes (Adjustable)


2).Sand content: ≤ 0.002%


3).Magnetic metals content: ≤ 0.003g/kg


4).Moisture: storage type: 13.5~14.5%


5).Color and scent: yellow, normal odor and taste


6).Fat content : 0.5~1%. 



Technical parameters:

Products name

Capacity(per day)


Capacity(per hour)

40t corn mill




50t corn mill




60t corn mill




100t corn mill





Some photo of finish corn mill project 

 corn mill corn mill


Finish product photo



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