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Starch vermicelli production line

   The automatic crystal vermicelli machine is based on the production of crystal vermicelli with starch as raw material.In the production, a large capacity mixer is used to stir the powder, adjust the thickness of the powder and adjust the aging time.The international advanced straight strip cutting method makes the strip uniform.Clip set drying, drying after the fans (strip) shape straight.The products of crystal vermicelli are of high quality, beautiful appearance, crystal and crystal, resistant to boiling, resistant to foam, not muddy soup, continuous strip, not adhesion.Clean and hygienic, delicate taste, smooth mouth.In addition to the features of quick response, high control accuracy, switching mode, good power saving efficiency, stable operation performance, less equipment failure and long service life, spiral stirring replaces the box stirring, adding new technological innovation highlights:

 a. lengthen the width of the freezer, extend the freeze aging time of the powder belt, and enhance the toughness of the product;

B. the oven is raised, the number of drying layers is increased, the drying time is prolonged, and the product reinforcement is better;

C. Vacuum stirring is adopted to make the product have fewer bubbles and higher brightness;

D. More applicable raw materials and wider adjustable and controllable space;

E. lower energy consumption and larger profit margin;

F. Technology upgrading has greatly improved product productivity and returned significant profits.The machine features unique design, advanced technology, compact equipment, energy saving and consumption reduction, small floor space, high degree of automation, less labor, neat product quality, high yield and large return profit.Equipment of the salient features are: change traditional extrusion leakage gourd ladle, outdoor hang lever dries production technology, USES the international advanced level of the straight cut, entrainment forming, constant temperature, and humidity, low temperature, freezing, not affected by seasonal climate, which can realize continuous uninterrupted assembly line work, overcome the disadvantages of traditional production, is a leading domestic production and processing equipment.Equipment has significant advantage: true automatic, fully enclosed, multifunctional, automatic feeding, automatic temperature control for the integration of production, with high technology content, high value-added, pure natural production technology, is engaged in crystal (article) fans of enterprise scale, internationalization, the original ecological production preferred one, fully automatic crystal fans vermicelli production line process: preheat to spiral stirring (constant temperature storage material), vacuum mixing - scraper blanking forming - steamed (steam) - cooling - from to room temperature aging and low temperature aging (cold storage), vertical shred - big air volume at low temperature finalizing dry - cooling (into the cold air) - fixed-length crosscutting - packaging.Crystal (fans) production line production, fan out from the starch into the machine to the finished product machine, is fully enclosed, fully automated operation, the whole production process does not use any additive (alum), preservatives and pigments, pollution-free, pollution-free, fully embodies the green, environmental protection, natural, safe, high quality and nutrition production concept, according to different production area and the market demand, the different consumer groups in the production of various types of crystal fans, production of the product appearance neat, strip, colour and lustre is uniform, glittering and translucent bright and clean, easy storage, and transportation.It is a kind of healthy nutrition food, green food, safe food and rest assured food.Equipment in the production process, not affected by the weather and season.The yield is above 95%.The equipment runs at a low speed and the wire speed is about 3.5m/min, so the operation is convenient and safe.Through the practical application in the production process, the production volume of this machine has been increased by more than 25% compared with that of similar products in the market under the condition that the original size of the machine is not increased and the product quality is guaranteed.Welcome you to consult kaifeng sida agricultural products equipment co. LTD

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