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Preparation of wheat starch processing plants need to pay attention to the problem

Wheat starch processing is an industry that grinds wheat into wheat flour and further processes wheat flour to obtain wheat starch and wheat gluten powder.We do not know much about many technical and economic problems in this industry, nor do we study them deeply.

Selection of site for preparation of wheat starch processing plant:

1. Raw material: as the basic raw material for the processing of wheat starch is wheat, it is a basic requirement that the wheat starch plant should be built in a place rich in wheat or where wheat can be easily and cheaply purchased.Because of the wide wheat producing areas in China and some historical reasons, there are still many varieties of wheat produced today. The gluten content is high or low, and the gluten quality is also strong or weak.It was found that wheat suitable for wheat starch should be high quality wheat with white husk and strong gluten.

2 transportation: wheat starch processing enterprises should be built in a place with convenient land and water transportation, preferably close to high-grade highways and railways, due to their large throughput.The highway shall be a road accessible to 60t vehicles.If imported wheat is used, it should be considered to be built near the port in order to achieve the lowest transportation cost and ensure the free flow of raw materials and products.

3 air, water, energy, environmental protection: wheat starch processing enterprises in the production process needs a lot of air, water and energy, but also a lot of waste water, etc., discussed below.

Industrialized wheat starch processing industry started late in China, so there are many problems to be studied and many lessons to be learned.We discussed "site selection for the preparation of wheat starch processing plant" and "composition of the preparation of the wheat starch processing plant workshop", which need to be studied carefully in the early stage of the project preparation to avoid unnecessary detours in the future.

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