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Perfect cassava starch production business plan

Perfect cassava starch production business plan /cassava starch processing

kaifeng sida  is specialized in the cassava starch processing machine manufacturing, can make the perfect cassava starch 

production business plan for you.Cassava starch production business plan overview:

1.Capacity: 1ton per hour(for example), generally, one ton starch production request 3-5ons cassava.

2.Plant area cover: about 400m2, aluminium alloy plant.

3.Voltage:380V/50HZ,three phases,voltage maximum floating frequency is 6%.

4.Total electric consumption less than 300kw.

5.Water consumption: raw material cleaning section request 10m3 per hour, the water can recycle,starch washing cost water 15-20m3 per hour,cassava starch air drying need water 1-2tons each boiler.

Cassava starch production business plan include the cassava starch production line, cassava starch 

production technology, water and electricity, and the production plant.

First, the cassava starch production line, Doing Company can design and manufacturer all machines in this production line, the casssava starch production line include cassava cleaning, crushing, 

starch extraction, impurities remove, starch refining, dewatering, starch air drying. The machines decided is the most important aspect in this cassava starch production business plan, these machines select influence the raw material using rate that is starch extracting rate and final starch quality.

Second, cassava starch production technology, the technology is a important factor which decide 

production efficiency,better technology with better ecnomic benefit. kaifeng sida cassava starch production technology can guarantee:

1. Cleaning section good permorance, peeling the fist husk, at the same time, don't destroy the cassavas body.

2. Crushing section for your cassava starch production business fully destroy cassava roots, make sure all starch free from cassava, starch extraction rate more than 94%.

3. The water saving 30% than others.

4. Two section for starch drying, first vacuum dewater then air drying, high drying speed and good drying effect, produce first class starch for you.If you tell us your requests,condition and your budget, we can offer you a detail cassava starch production business plan, all details you can discuss with our engineers.

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machine by following contacts:

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