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cassava processing machinery price in nigeria

cassava processing machinery in nigeria-cassava processing machinery suppliers in nigeria

For the benefit of people reading this thread, I shall outline the full range of equipment/processes involved in gari production.

1. Peelers: Peeling involves removing the outer brown layer of cassava tubers to expose the white/yellow flesh. Peeling can be done with knives (which takes more time and labour) or a mechanized peeling machine (which is more expensive of course). However, peeling machines reduce waste, saves time and labour, and does more work in a short time; it can peel up to 2,500kg of cassava in an hour while manual peeling can only process 20kg. The peeler is usually the most expensive machine of the whole range.

1. Grater: This machine grinds the peeled and washed cassava tubers into a pulp or mash and can often process up to 4 tons of raw cassava in one day.

2. Hydraulic Press: This machine comes with a 30-ton hydraulic jack and does an easy job of squeezing all the water out of the mashed cassava.

3. Sieving machine: This is the machine that separates the fibre/lumps from the grated, mashed and pressed cassava before frying.

4. Fryers: There are basically two types of fryers - mechanical and metal trays. While the mechanical fryer is much more expensive, it can process more gari in a shorter time than the metal trays which require more time and human labour. However, both still get the frying job done.


Farm machinisation - a wide range of machinery for land preparation (ploughs, harrows, ridgers), also planters and harvesters.

Peeling/washing/chipping - of the cassava root for all processes.

Drying - batch or continuous drying systems available for cassava chips.

Grinding/ pelleting - converting dried chips into pellets for convenient exportation.

Grinding/sifting - for cassava flour.

Grating/fermenting/pressing/defibration/crumbling/cooking - for the complete gari production process.

Extracting/separating/dehumidifing - for cassava starch production.

Cassava Processing Machine

Cassava Peeling Machine

Cassava Grinding Machine

Cassava Chips Cutting Machine

Cassava Drying Machine

Cassava Garri Fryer

Potato Washing Machine

Cassava Flour Milling Machine

Cassava Starch Extraction Machine

Cassava Harvesting Machine

Garri processing is the same process with cassava flour processing, only the drying part is different.

Cassava-processing-machinery, cassava processing machines in nigeria

We use Garri fryer to dry the Garri.

The production of cassava starch comprises the machines such as cassava washing machine, crushing machine, fine fiber sieve, desander and desilter, starch hydrocyclone, vacuum filter, airflow flash dryer, and packaging machine. We have provided below a brief description of the main steps of the cassava starch production process.

The production of cassava chips comprises the machines such as cassava washing machine, peeling machine, chipping machine, cassava chips drying machine - belt type dryer and packaging machine.

Until now we have more than 25 customers from different countries in Africa, we Provide the technical training and expert advice to the customers for all kinds of turnkey project.

 provide the complete set of cassava flour processing machine from cassava washing to final product packaging, including cassava washing machine, cassava peeling machine, cassava crusher machine, cassava grating machine, cassava sieving machine, cassava dewatering machine, cassava pressing machine, cassava flour milling machine, cassava flour drying machine and cassava packaging machine.

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