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Types and characteristics of common starch drying equipment

Starch drying equipment is widely welcomed by users, and its own type and characteristics are inseparable.Because of the variety and outstanding characteristics of starch drying equipment, so the user can be more selective, after understanding the price of power plant drying equipment and how to choose starch drying equipment will choose the preferred type.What are the types and characteristics of common starch drying equipment?Two types are briefly introduced below:

Types and characteristics of common starch drying equipment

The first belt dryer

In the starch drying equipment of good quality low prices more common is a kind of belt drier, used in dry sweet potato, dry cassava, bai luobo, bamboo shoots, pumpkin, garlic, yam and puerarin slice material such as dry, can also be used for instant dry, the fans are also used in air permeability good strip sheet and a particulate dry.Therefore, this starch drying equipment is extremely wide range of use, and the handling capacity is very powerful, its operation is very flexible, because of its simple structure, stable operation, and installation, also convenient maintenance.

The second, air dryer

Air dryer is also a common type of starch drying equipment, mainly used for potato, cassava, sweet potato, corn, wheat, kudzu root and other starch drying, also can be used for modified starch, wet starch drying after dehydration.This way of airflow drying is also known as instant drying, is currently used in starch processing a starch drying equipment, can quickly dehumidify the moisture in the material.Moreover, the drying area of this kind of equipment is very large, the retention time of materials is short, and the drying temperature is low, which can ensure the better quality of starch.The main characteristics of this starch drying equipment are good evaporation capacity, high drying intensity, short drying time and good quality of finished products.

To sum up, the type of common starch drying equipment is but dryer and air drier, the processing capacity of the two kinds of drying machine is very powerful, can also be used for a variety of dry matter, and it has the common characteristic, therefore, the user can according to own situation, and dry matter choose suitable starch drying equipment.

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