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Precautions for the use of corn processing equipment

For the use of corn processing equipment, our company will summarize the understanding of corn processing equipment over the years and summarize the use of corn processing equipment.

Corn processing equipment


1, when choosing corn processing equipment must be carefully check the quality of the equipment, good quality of corn processing equipment, can reduce the occurrence of failure during use, through the reasonable application of corn processing equipment, can improve the production efficiency, and reliable operation, stable process, each system, each link, ensure enterprise production benefit.

2. Install corn processing equipment. As the saying goes, well begun is half done.The installation of corn processing equipment should be in accordance with the plan and the foundation map, check whether the installation of the foundation size is in line with the requirements of the drawings, if there is any discrepancy, should be repaired, until the size is correct, before installation.In addition, in order to avoid the corn processing equipment in the transport process caused by deformation, damage or loss, so in the installation, to check and accept the equipment list, and take corresponding measures, and then install.

3. There are certain requirements for corn raw materials when using corn processing equipment.Generally speaking, the less impurity the more suitable for processing of corn, in addition, in the collection of corn raw materials, it is inevitable that there will be broken phenomenon.At this time to maintain the appropriate particle content, help the next better processing.

The above are some problems that should be paid attention to when using corn processing equipment. By paying attention to these small details, on the one hand, the failure rate of corn processing equipment can be effectively reduced to keep it in a stable and normal operation state.On the other hand, high quality corn-related products can be processed by reasonable application of corn processing equipment.

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