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how to make syrup with flavor extact-how to make syrup with corn syrup

how to make syrup with flavor extact-how to make syrup with corn syrup

The syrup with maltose as the main component is made from high-quality corn starch and hydrolyzed by various enzymes. The product is a colorless, transparent and viscous liquid with clear plastid, transparent, mild and pure taste, low sweetness and malt fragrance. It has many advantages such as high boiling temperature, low freezing point and anti-crystallization. It is often used in jam and jelly to prevent the crystallization of granulated sugar and high wheat. Buds are also widely used in bread, pastry, beer, candy, beverage, food preparation, frozen food, condiments and other fields. In addition, high maltose syrup does not depend on human islet metabolism, blood sugar increases slowly, and calorific value is low. It has certain health care function for patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus and obesity.

Making method

To make corn syrup from corn, the first step is to remove the germ and chaff of corn, that is, to process corn into corn ballast.

1. Soaking: Soak corn ballast for 12-24 hours to make it water-permeable, so as to facilitate pulping.

2. Refining: adding malt and amylase at the same time of refining. The amount of malt used is 2-5%. Amylase is used according to the instructions according to different units of activity.

3. Saccharification: The process of saccharification is a heating process. At the same time, it should be stirred intermittently to make the material heated evenly until it reaches the boiling point. The whole process lasts about 2 hours.

4. Cooling: The purpose of cooling is to carry out the second saccharification. We should know that the vitality of malt is limited by temperature. We should put the malt pulp into the material when the temperature of the material drops to about 60C. The dosage is 1.5-3%, and then keep it warm for 3-5 hours.

5. Filtration: Of course, filtration is to separate syrup. Filtration is carried out at high temperature. First, the material is boiled, and then the syrup is separated by killing the sand net. Of course, there are filtration equipment, which is more ideal.

Boiling: Boiling is to evaporate excess water and reach the desired concentration according to your needs.

Suggestion: Syrup is not suitable for long boiling, which will increase the formation of reducing sugar, long boiling will also make the color of syrup darker, affecting the quality.

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