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What are the preparations for a high-quality cassava flour processing plant

What are the preparations for a high-quality cassava flour processing plant?

Kaifeng sda company has grown into a modern enterprise integrating production, trade and service. We have modern manufacturing plants, overseas offices and rich installation experience. The cassava flour processing machines we can provide include: dry sifter-cassava paddle cleaning machine-s wood-plate and frame filter press-flash dryer-cassava flour screening machine-packaging machine. Kaifeng Sida Company can do


You provide a single machine to a complete cassava flour processing production line.

So far, Kaifeng sda company has successfully installed many projects in different countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and Indonesia. We are happy to design a suitable cassava flour processing machine for you and provide you with a high-quality processing machine.

Many people are willing to invest to start a cassava flour processing plant. But for people who start a cassava flour processing factory for the first time, they may be confused and they don't know what to do. This is professional guidance and advice for some high-quality cassava flour processing plants.

Ensure that sufficient raw materials are provided for cassava flour processing plants

The main and only raw material for cassava flour processing is fresh cassava tubers. Therefore, the lack of raw materials will seriously hinder the start-up process of the cassava flour processing plant.

Choose the right land to start a high-quality cassava flour processing plant

You need to find an existing workshop or new land to build a workshop to place the cassava flour processing machine. Kaifeng Star Company can provide large and small workshops to help you choose the right land.

Obtain business license and permit to start a high-quality cassava flour processing plant

You should clearly know that everything is based on the necessary business permits and permits that you have obtained. After solving the workshop issue, you should resolve the license issue. You need to check what kind of permit or certificate you need to apply to the government to establish a cassava flour processing plant. For example, our clients in Tanzania need to prepare the following certificates: land/building certificate, building permit and environmental

Environmental impact certificate, etc.

Calculate the total cost and obtain sufficient funds to start a high-quality cassava flour processing plant

When building a cassava flour processing plant, it is necessary to consider the cost of raw materials, construction costs, labor costs, and transportation costs. You can invest all by yourself, or you can find a partner to invest together or get a loan from a bank.

Purchase a cassava flour processing machine provided by a reliable equipment manufacturer

Choosing the right equipment can make your tapioca flour processing business easier and more efficient. As a professional manufacturer, we will design technical items according to the final standards of the cassava flour you provide.

Don’t forget to hire employees for your tapioca flour processing plant and provide electricity and water

everything's ready. However, don't forget to hire employees to operate the cassava flour processing plant and provide enough electricity and water to start a high-quality cassava flour processing plant. Kaifeng Star Company can provide professional after-sales service. Professional engineers will guide your staff to learn to operate the cassava flour processing machine.

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