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Plate frame filter press machine

     The plate-frame filter press machine is a typical and efficient dewatering machine which is extensively applied to various solid-liquid separation process. It is extensively used in the petroleum, chemical industry, dye, metallurgy, pharmacy, food, paper making, coal washing, water treatment and sewage treatment and all other kinds of separation of the solid and liquid. It is also used for the large filter plants which requires a high degree of automation and centralized control.

     As a company specializes in manufacturing the complete set of cassava products deeply processing equipment, Doing Company plate-frame filter press is mainly used in the cassava flour process. Designed with the integration of machine, electricity and the liquid, the plate-frame filter press machine can achieve the performance of the automatic pressing, filtering, draining, squeezing, loosing and so on which plays an important role in the dewatering process in the cassava flour process.

The structure and the working principle of the plate-frame filter press machine:

   The kaifeng sida  Company plate-frame filter press is mainly composed of four parts: the rack part, the filtration part, hydraulic and electrical control part. Among them, the most important part is the filtration part which is a set of filter rooms composed of alternating filter plate and filter frame. The principle of solid-liquid separation is: the mixture flows through the filtration medium (filter cloth), the solids remain on the filter cloth, and gradually accumulate on the filter cloth to form a filter mud cake. While the filtrate part penetrates the filter cloth and becomes the clear liquid without solids. Compared with other solid-liquid separation equipments, the mud cake filtered by the plate-frame filter press has higher solid content and excellent separation effect.

The plate-frame filter press for the cassava flour dewatering process:

        In the process of the cassava flour processing, there are many procedures. Here is the whole operation drawing:

Cassava-cleaning and washing-peeling-grating-dewatering-drying-sieving-packing

         And the plate-frame filter press machine is mainly used for cassava flour processing in the dewatering process. After the cassava is grated, the cassava slurry contains a lot of water. Therefore the dewatering process is a necessary. In the working process, the pressing device of the plate-frame filter press pushes the pressure plate to compresses the filter plate and the filter medium (filter cloth) between the pressure plate and the thrust plate. And the filter chambers are formed. Then the cassava slurry enters the filter chamber, the solids remains on the filter chamber and the liquid flows out of the machine. Hence the separation of the solid-liquid process is completed.

After the dewatering process, the cassava will be transport to the dry unit through the conveyor to further process.

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