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cassava starch processing plant price

    With the development of agriculture production, more and more people get involved into starch production, especially for cassava  starch production because of its low cost and large quantity for raw material cassava tubers. Many investors are very interested in cassava starch production and want to know cassava starch processing plant price,Generally speaking, there are several factors that affect cassava starch processing plant price, which consists of capacity, equipment configuration, final starch quality, automation degree, lab equipment, installation and commissioning.


      First factor of cassava starch processing plant price is capacity. Price for production lines differ a lot according to the dealing capacity of different plant. Our minimum capacity for cassava starch production line is 4 tons cassava tubers input per hour, and with the line you can get about 1 ton starch output as final products. Larger capacity lines, like 6tph, 8tph, 10tph, 20tph, 30tph and 50tph, are also available and can be designed based on client's actual requirements.

   The second factor that affects cassava starch processing plant price is equipment configuration. For example, in high configuration starch line, we apply centrifugal sieve machine and fine fiber sieve for separating fibers, but in cheaper lines we will use rotary sieve for the same function. All selection of machines can be negotiated based on clients' budget and actual status for cassava starch processing plant price, which provide more affordable lines for client that have tight budget and still want to get involved in starch production.

   Next is the requirements for final starch quality. Cassava starch processing plant price may be different if clients have different requirements for final starch quality, such as whiteness, moisture content, ash, protein, black spot rate, pH value etc. The higher grade of final starch, the higher price of the production line.Automation degree and lab equipment can also influence cassava starch processing plant price. Except for the normal standard line which includes all necessary equipment for starch production, automatic control system like MCC and PLC can be furnished for easier operation and higher working efficiency. What's more, lab equipment is required in some high standard lines to exanimate certain specifications of final starch to ensure high quality. They are optional choices, clients themselves can decide whether buy them or not.

  In the end, installation and commissioning are important part in cassava starch processing plant price. After all machines for cassava starch line are finished manufacturing and transported to factory site, we can arrange engineers to guide installation and complete commissioning to achieve capacity of the starch line as well as get required quality starch as output products. In addition, our engineers will train local workers to operate machines well before they leave. Normally in most big projects, cost for installation and commissioning will be separated from equipment cost and is mostly related to how many days it will need for accomplishing the whole project. More details about cassava starch processing plant price will be listed in the contract when order is confirmed.

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