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Complete equipment for starchComplete equipment for cassava starch processing line-cassava washing crushing

Complete equipment for starch

The complete equipment of starch is designed and produced by sida machinery company. The whole starch production line can produce fine powder of high quality.It takes less than an hour from feed to dry powder.

Starch complete equipment production process transportation - cleaning - crushing - screening - sand - precipitation (or concentration) - dehydration - drying - air - cooled packaging.


Process description of complete equipment for starch:

First, the basic principle of cleaning cleaning function: mainly to remove the surface layer of sweet potato with silt, and wash the skin of sweet potato root.Cleaning fresh sweet potato or dry sweet potato chips, as raw materials for starch production, is the basis to ensure the quality of starch. The more clean the cleaning, the better the quality of starch.

The function of fragmenting: sweet potato starch is mainly stored in the fleshy part of root tuber, and only a small amount is stored in the endothelium.The purpose of shredding is to destroy the structure of sweet potato and make the tiny starch granules break up and separate from the root tubers smoothly.The starch released from the cell is called free starch.The residue left inside the cells is called binding starch.

Crushing is one of the most important processes in the processing of fresh potato, which is related to the yield of fresh potato and the quality of starch. The crushing requirements are as follows:

3. Basic principle of screening sweet potato dregs are slender fibers, larger in volume than starch particles, higher in swelling coefficient than starch particles, and lighter in weight than starch particles. The crushed raw pulp is further filtered out with water as the medium.

The specific gravity of mud and sand is larger than that of water and starch particles. According to the principle of specific gravity separation, the use of cyclone sand removal, or the use of the settlement of the flow trough, can achieve relatively ideal results.The proportion of yellow pulp, close to water, and than the proportion of starch particles light, its shape is palm shape, the longer the processing cycle, the greater the adhesive performance, sticky screen, stick starch particles, extremely difficult to separate, so the raw materials are fresh, the process flow is short, timely separation.

5. Basic principles of dehydration the starch slurry still contains more water after being concentrated, and further dehydration can be used for drying.

The basic principle of drying at present the general use of the air drying (also known as sudden drying) the whole process time is completed in an instant, so starch particles internal moisture gelatinization has been dried, so will not occur gelatinization or degradation phenomenon.Air drying is a cocurrent drying process, that is, the cocurrent process of wet powder and hot air, which consists of heat transfer and mass transfer.When the wet starch is in contact with the hot air, the hot air transfers heat energy to the surface of the wet starch, and then transfers heat energy from the surface to the interior, which is the heat transfer process.At the same time, the water in the wet starch diffuses to the surface of the starch in liquid or gaseous form from the inside of the material, and then diffuses to the hot air through the film of the starch, which is a mass transfer process.Is to use high temperature air flow and wet starch balanced in the dry tube heat exchange, dry starch powder, cooling can be packed into storage.

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