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sweet potato starch production line

The whole sweet potato starch production line produces fine powder of high quality.It takes less than an hour from feed to dry powder.The automatic closed system ensures the smooth process of the whole sweet potato starch production line.


Characteristics of starch equipment in sida machinery factory:

(1) advanced technology, beautiful shape, compact layout;

(2) small area;

(3). Less labor, low labor intensity, high degree of automation, from digging, washing potatoes, to drying one-stop production;

(4) low energy consumption, water saving, electricity saving, low processing costs;

5. High cleaning rate: use potato washing machine to clean, effectively ensure that potato chips do not damage, dian powder does not lose;

6. High starch quality, up to the national edible standards, for many times sand removal, filtration;7. Multifunctional, can be applied to: potato, sweet potato, musa taro, cassava, kudzu root, lotus root and other starch production;Today. Stable performance, simple operation and maintenance.

Process flow and equipment configuration:

Feed hopper → cleaning (cleaning machine) → crushing (crusher) → lifting (screw conveyor) → primary filtration (pulp and residue separator) → secondary filtration (pulp and residue separator) → secondary filtration (pulp and residue separator) → stirring and acid pulp → precipitation treatment → dehydration (dehydrator) → drying (airflow dryer)

Starch production line produced by sida machinery factory: complete three working procedures of coarse grinding, fine grinding and pulp residue separation at one time, no manual production leads to the deterioration of starch color and darkening phenomenon, the starch residue is filamentous under the microscope, which is conducive to the free starch from the fiber, and effectively improve the starch powder yield.

Sida has carried on the comprehensive research and development of science and technology personnel, a large starch production line has a mature market, technology reached advanced domestic level, use the semi-automatic control, energy-saving water conservation, production of starch quality of metal production of starch quality and more than the national standard level (powder), greatly reduces the production cost, is a giant starch 80% of the cost of production,

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