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Cassava starch main production equipment analysis, production process analysis

Cassava starch main production equipment analysis, production process analysis

Main equipment:

Squirrel cage potato washing machine, automatic feeding potato washing machine, crusher, separator, fine filter, sand remover, cyclone station, dewaterer, dryer, mixer, vermicella machine.

Process introduction:

Potato starch processing: washing - breaking - separation - sand removal - refining - concentration - dehydration - drying - packaging of finished products


Analysis :(this process is used for cassava, potato starch processing more.Few options for sweet potato processing.Reason: cassava, potato starch, food, industry, medicine more USES, these industries choose starch purity requirements are high, and the general sweet potato processing for the basic use of vermicelli, vermicelli, jelly powder and other powder products processing, food grade starch processing.

Deep processing of yams: washing - breaking - separating - sand removal - refining - leaking powder (vermicelli) - drying (drying) - packaging of finished products


Analysis: this process is used in potato and sweet potato starch deep processing.This kind of equipment is recommended for sweet potato processing. It is also a common procedure with low investment, quick effect and high profit.Small enterprises should: after processing sweet potato starch wet storage, wet storage starch as a raw material for processing vermicelli throughout the year [wet starch as vermicelli processing for the best effect].Large enterprises should: [it is suggested to choose the dehydrator and dryer] after the sweet potato season, conduct deep processing into vermicella starch for wet storage, and dehydrate and dry the excess starch reserves for sale [less starch quantity can be changed into packaging and drying].Cyclone station here is not recommended to process sweet potato use, its function effect: in sweet potato starch processing automation degree is good, do not need precipitation.Separate the water and protein (commonly called oil) from the starch.Although improve the whiteness of starch, purity.But for processing vermicelli fans is a big mistake.It USES twice as much power as the whole process, which adds up to a lot of cost.

3. Family processing: cleaning - grinding separation - leakage of powder (vermicelli) - drying - storage of finished products

Analysis: sweet potato has a history of more than 400 years in China, but it has a history of more than 1,000 years in the processing of vermicelli noodles.In the 1980s, it was a dream for ordinary people to drink a bowl of noodle soup at the rally.Rural families also only in the New Year, from the relatives of the "gift" to take off the vermicelli stew meat.Family-type equipment is specially designed for rural users, processing sweet potato per hour in about a ton, including potato washing machine, grinding separator, vermicelli machine.The investment of the whole equipment is about 7-8,000 yuan.Now to develop to the sixth generation of products.With each villager planting land for processing or to buy sweet potato processing, the production of pure sweet potato vermicellor hit the nearby towns.Will tell vermicelli, vermicelli fan market need not worry to small family processing.Rural market for a village or several nearby towns.Estimate to meet all face familiar, your processing will spread, ensure the purity of your powder.The market will open up.A profit of 20,000 or 30,000 yuan is not a problem from November to the end of the year.The key is also collapse, willing to work, not afraid of hardship.

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