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Processing and cleaning process of sweet potato starch equipment and its development prospect analysis

Processing and cleaning process of sweet potato starch equipment and its development prospect analysis

Sweet potato starch at present in our life is inseparable from, as a raw material of our products, additives used in our food, such as starch production is certainly will use starch production equipment, starch production equipment for starch production factory is also very hard, everyone wants to choose cheap price, high quality equipment.

Cleaning machine is mainly to remove the material surface layer with silt, and wash off the skin of the material root, stone cleaning machine is to remove the hard impurities in the material.As the raw material for starch production, cleaning is the basis to ensure the quality of starch, the cleaner the cleaning, the better the quality of starch.Transport is the transfer of materials to the next process, often transport at the same time there is a cleaning function.Commonly used transport, cleaning, stone removal equipment: hydraulic trough, spiral cleaning machine, oblique cage cleaning machine, paddle cleaning machine, stone cleaning machine, (flat) cage cleaning machine, drum cleaning machine, scraper conveyor.According to the characteristics of soil and materials, some of them can be selected for combination, so as to achieve the requirements of high cleanliness and convenient transportation.

Sweet potato starch is widely used in textile, oil drilling, feed and food industries, especially the international and domestic market opening of food, the high precision of sweet potato starch surge in demand, combined with sweet potato starch have other irreplaceable natural attribute, makes it the preferred products, starch processing industry at home and abroad have a broad market, the market prospects look good

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