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What should be paid attention to when using automatic cassava starch equipment

What should be paid attention to when using automatic cassava starch equipment

Nowadays, cassava starch is widely used in many industries, such as food processing, chemical industry, paper making, textile, etc., with the increasing demand of people, it also greatly promotes the further development of cassava starch equipment industry.Therefore, cassava starch equipment manufacturers with good quality and low price are favored by users. As users, what aspects should be paid attention to when using cassava starch equipment in order to ensure high yield and high efficiency?

1. Security check before starting up


Before the tapioca starch equipment boot need to carry out a safety check on each part, to see whether the parts of the loose place, found that the problem should be timely treatment can not be forced to start, try to listen to the machine when there is no noise.Debris clogging must be cleaned to avoid affecting normal operation.

2. Focus on quality

The quality of cassava starch should be from procurement, cleaning, broken and so on a series of links to grasp, the purchase of cassava cannot appear moldy, deterioration and other conditions, cleaning cassava to adjust the time according to the actual situation, can not be ignored for the yield of cassava whether clean.

3. If any problem is found, please stop the machine

Cassava starch equipment in the operation of abnormal conditions to immediately stop, to carefully check the problem, put an end to the operation of cassava starch production equipment with disease.For example, if the vibration screen is found to have abnormal vibration, the elevator should be shut down immediately, waiting for the problem to be solved before normal driving, which can prevent the cassava starch equipment to have a bigger accident, so it is recommended to use the best quality cassava starch equipment to reduce the impact of this.

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