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Automatic cassava starch equipment production process

Introduction to cassava: cassava is a subshrub, a perennial plant.Tuber was cylindric, and the number and thickness of tuber varied greatly among different cultivars.Cassava root starch content is high, but contains little protein, oil and ash, fresh cassava root starch content of 25% to 32%.Is a high - quality starch processing materials.


Tapioca starch processing principle: tapioca starch production process is a physical separation process, is the tapioca material in the starch and cellulose, protein, inorganic substances such as separation.In the production process, starch is insoluble in cold water and its specific gravity is higher than that of water. Starch is separated from water suspension by water and special mechanical equipment, so as to achieve the purpose of recovering starch.

The tapioca starch production line adopts the wet processing technology of starch production, without adding any additives. The whole process has mature technology, advanced equipment, scientific configuration and reasonable technology.Starch production process is designed according to six sections: cleaning - breaking - up - screening - concentration - refining - dehydration - drying.Especially in pulp and mesh division of the invention technology - curved net JiYaXing flour mill, through multistage crush, multi-phase, multi-stage extrusion in circulation unique craft, crushing the filtered ge residue in silk hair, with low energy consumption, and high extraction yield and starch quality advantage, improve the production efficiency and starch extraction yield of production line.

Applicable objects and features:

It is suitable for starch processing manufacturers and customers of medium or above scale with cassava as raw materials. The whole process of the process is automated from the cleaning of raw materials, crushing, extraction of starch, fine filtration, sand removal, concentration, refining, dehydration, drying and so on.Large amount of product processing, short production cycle, raw materials from cleaning to finished products only need more than 10 minutes, effectively avoid the material long time exposure to the air oxidation Browning and dust and microbial secondary pollution, improve the production efficiency and product quality.

Process flow:

Belt conveyer - screw washer - stone removal washer - paddle washer - new type squirrel cage washer - curved mesh extrusion powder making machine - net fine filter (round basket) - sand remover - starch microfilter -12- starch refining and concentration system - vacuum dehydrator - dryer

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