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Application requirements of pueraria starch production line in agricultural machinery

In today's society, no matter what is changing with The Times, transportation is more and more developed, housing is more and more comfortable, food is more and more diverse, the difference in production technology.Due to different years of enterprise establishment, the strength is different and the technical content is different.The production technology of pueraria starch processing equipment has a direct impact on the quality of the products produced, and is also the root cause of the difference in product price.Differences of materials used in processing equipment of kudzu starch.To produce high-quality products, good technology alone is far from enough, but also need good materials, otherwise, the hardware is not up to standard, how to produce high-quality products.

Kudzu starch equipment

Kudzu starch processing equipment is assisted by many accessories, if the large structure is good, and accessories can not keep up, will affect the overall quality of the product.Stand out in the machinery industry, get better income, need excellent technology, good materials and accessories.In order to occupy a favorable price position in the machinery market.

The various parameters and performance of the kudzu starch processing equipment, which stipulates that the use of kudzu starch processing machinery should be in accordance with its operating range of operation, this set of kudzu starch processing equipment can process 30 tons of raw grain, then the use of it should be in accordance with the processing range of operation.There are two development directions of pueraria starch processing equipment: one has high efficiency and long life;And the other direction is the constant replacement of spare parts, repair, shorter life.

1, it is necessary to carefully to install the kudzu starch processing equipment engineers learn how to operate the machine, so as to ensure that the future kudzu starch processing machinery will not cause damage because you do not know how to operate.

When would buy 2, each equipment manufacturer will illustrate the kudzu root starch processing equipment production capacity, and its various parameters and performance, it is stipulated in the use of kudzu root starch processing equipment according to its operation scope of operation, the kudzu root starch processing equipment can process 30 tons of raw grain, then it is used in accordance with the scope of its machining operations.

Kaifeng sida kudzu starch equipment production process:

Fresh potato (conveyor)→ cleaning (cleaning rotary cage)→ crushing (hammer chip crusher or rasp grinder)→ pulp and residue separation (pressure curved sieve or centrifugal sieve, horizontal sieve)→ sand removal (desander)→ protein separation (disc separator, cyclone)→ dehydration (centrifuge or vacuum filter)→ drying (low-temperature starch tower special drying

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