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The technological process of potato starch was expounded

Overview of potato starch production line

1. Output: 1 ton/hour ()

2. Aluminum alloy workshop: the equipment project covers an area of about 400 square meters, and the workshop is generally no less than 1000 square meters

3. Power supply: 380 volts, 3 items of electricity, 50 hz, the maximum floating frequency of voltage is 6%, 4%.

4, switchboard power consumption: about 300 kw, actual power consumption: about 200 kw.

5. Water consumption: extracted part, standard drinking water 15-20 cubic meters per hour at room temperature;Cleaning part, 10 cubic meters/hour, the water can be recycled, or later use;Dry part, 1-2 ton/boiler, hot air stove can also be used in the factory.

6. We can provide the model and manufacturer with the user's own part.

Potato starch production line flow

(1) weighing/conveying

Potatoes are stored in the potato yard after being weighed by weighers.The potatoes go through a tank and through a set of potato pumps to a stone remover where the stones and other heavy objects are separated.

(2) stone removal/cleaning

After removing the stone, the potato enters the cage washer for cleaning.In order to achieve better cleaning effect, it is necessary to use a two-stage cleaning machine.The washed potatoes are then transported to the temporary storage hopper by an inclined conveyor.

(3) separation of impurities

Floating impurities such as leaves, branches, wood and other debris will be removed through a separation grid.Dirty cleaning water (sewage) will be passed through the sedimentation tank to remove smaller impurities, and the overflow will be discharged.

(4) unloading screw

The temporary hopper shall be able to store the potato material needed for production for about one hour.The specially designed outlet is connected with the unloading screw, the speed of which is stepless and adjustable, so the production capacity of the production line can be adjusted by this screw.The outlet of the conveying screw is connected with the filing mill.

(5) file grinding (crack through coarse and fine grinding)

Since cracking efficiency (the percentage of free starch that can be obtained) is crucial to the overall rate of the system, the file grinding machine is specially designed to achieve the highest file grinding efficiency as possible.

(6) in addition to the sand

The potato starch emulsion from the file mill is pumped to the desiccating cyclone to remove sand particles.

(7) fiber extraction

The starch emulsion from the desanding unit is transported to the extraction unit, which is integrated, including 3 conical rotary centrifugal screens, fiber pump and defrosting pump.In this three-stage screen, the fibers are washed and separated by countercurrent flow of cell fluid from a multistage cyclone.The separated fiber enters the potato residue dehydration screen for dehydration.

(8) refining

The starch milk from the first stage centrifugal screen goes into the 6-stage concentrated cyclone washing unit, and the process water is pumped from the other end of the cyclone station to wash the starch in a counter-current way.The whole cyclone station can be divided into three parts. Firstly, the starch milk is dejuice concentrated through the concentrated cyclone station, and the concentrated starch milk enters into the later 13-grade washing unit, while the cell fluid from the overflow enters into the recycling cyclone station to recycle the starch contained in it.The milk starch that emerges from the swirl is pumped into a stainless steel milk starch storage tank with a mixer.

The clean process water is added from the last stage of the cyclone station, mixed with starch milk and washed, and then the overflow is mixed with the former stage of starch milk and washed and separated, so that the fiber and cell fluid are discharged out of the cyclone station with the water.The 13-grade washing can ensure the washing effect of the cyclone station, better remove the fiber, protein and other impurities contained in the starch milk, and ensure that there are no impurities in the starch milk that stands out from the cyclone.This can ensure the production of starch indicators are in line with the standard.

(9) starch dehydration

The moisture content of the starch milk standing out from the swirl is too large to be dried directly, so the starch milk needs to be dehydrated first, so that the moisture content of the starch is about 40%.The starch milk is transferred from the temporary storage tank to the vacuum dehydrator tank with the starch pump, a water pipe is connected to the pipe of the starch milk, and the starch milk is diluted to a certain concentration with the process water.The vacuum pump forms negative pressure in the vacuum drum. When the starch emulsion level contacts the vacuum drum, the starch milk is sucked on the drum surface, and the filtrate is sucked into the filtrate separation tank and removed by filtrate pump.

(10) starch drying and packaging

The dehydrated starch cake is transported through the conveyor belt to the feed port of the air dryer and enters the elevator through the feeder.The heat source of air dryer is steam heat exchanger.When the wet starch is heated by a hot wind, the water is evaporated.After drying, the starch is separated from the air in a cyclone separator.The bottom of the cyclone separator is sealed with a windbreaker.After leaving the cyclone, the wet air is expelled into the atmosphere by the exhauster.The collected starch is transported by a screw conveyor to a vibrating screen unit to screen the coarse granular material from the fine starch.Fine starch is sifted and transported to the starch bin, where it is temporarily stored and cooled.It is then sent to semi-automatic packers to pack up to 25kg of finished products.

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