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The difference between potato starch and potato powder

The difference between potato starch and potato powder

An overview,

Potato starch is fresh potato as raw material, after a series of raw material cleaning, crushing, filtration, dehydration, drying and other processes, and obtained, is characterized by sufficient viscosity, fine texture, white color, excellent luster, but poor water absorption.When heated, water condenses into a transparent consistency.

Potato powder mainly includes snow powder and particle powder.The finished product mainly exists in the form of potato cell monomer or several cell polymers, so it is called potato "particle" whole powder.Snowflake powder is obtained by drying the roller, and the finished shape is like "snowflake", so it is called potato snowflake powder.

Second, the difference between

Potato starch is second only to corn starch in production and commodity quantity.Starch add water heating to 60~75℃ or so, a large number of starch grain water absorption expansion, the shape of starch grain destruction, show translucent colloidal paste, this process is the gelatinization of starch.The so-called paste is the hot water dissolved in the direct starch and branched starch solution, not completely destroyed starch grains and destroyed starch grains of the uneven mixing state.Gelatinized starch taste good, easy to digest, known as alpha starch.Potato starch has excellent gelatinization properties which are different from other starch.Because of its high degree of expansion, water absorption capacity is very strong, in the process of meat products processing and heating, heat denaturation meat protein, form a mesh structure, due to the mesh in the remaining part of the combination of close enough moisture, absorbed by the starch granule is fixed, the starch grains became soft and elastic, play a dual role of gelling and water.So it becomes the first choice for meat processing.It is also widely used in paper industry, textile industry, food processing industry, adhesive production and other fields.

Potato entire powder is a kind of low fat, low sugar, low quantity of heat, high protein food raw materials, and to a great extent, save the high content of potato VB1, VB2, VC and mineral nutrients such as calcium, potassium, iron, and the different age stages can be made from baby to old age the best nutrition food, should this be a nutritionist at home and abroad as the "perfect food", almost all have the human body needs a variety of nutrients.It has the characteristics of good recovery effect and pure taste.

The main difference between the two is that potato flour is a dehydrated product of fresh potatoes, which contains all the dry matter of potatoes except potato skins.Due to the maximum maintenance of potato cell particle integrity in the processing process, the rehydrated potato powder has the nutrition, flavor and taste of fresh potato steamed.Potato starch is only one of the many components of potato, so potato starch does not have the nutrition, flavor and taste of potato.

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