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Processing characteristics and production process of potato starch equipment in different regions

The characteristics of potato starch processing equipment in different areas?In different areas, because of the different levels of development, technical differences, and so on, resulting in different mechanical products.So, the potato starch processing equipment of each area, have what characteristic each?


Processing characteristics and production process of potato starch equipment in different regions

1. In developed areas, the whole process of potato starch processing, including production control, quality inspection and factory dust removal, can be controlled by the computer system. With a high degree of automation, it can effectively reduce the probability of seed breakage loss and greatly improve the quality and benefits.

2. In addition, in developed areas, the general potato starch processing equipment has more grades and higher quality, which can better adapt to the needs of the social market and work more efficiently.

3, and those relatively backward areas, compared with the two, the difference will be relatively large.Its processing technology and equipment are relatively backward, its small scale and high cost, low degree of automation, it is easy to lead to low processing efficiency, processing quality is not guaranteed.

Kaifeng sida potato starch processing equipment production process

Fresh potato (conveyor)→ cleaning (washing rotating cage)→ crushing (hammer crusher or filing machine)→ pulp and slag separation (pressure curved screen or centrifugal screen or horizontal screen)→ desander (desander)→ protein separation (disc separator or cyclone)→ dehydration (centrifuge or vacuum filter)→ drying (special dryer for starch of low temperature and low tower)

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