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sida yam flour(starch) processing machine

yam Starch  Production Process:

Fresh yam → yam washing → Peeling → Grinding → Centrifuge sieve →  Desanding → Hydrocyclone → Dewatering → Drying

yam flour(starch) processing machine

The description of yam flour processing line:

      yam cleaning and peeling → yam grinding → screening and filtering → sifting → drying → Fine milling → High quality yam flour packing.  

yam flour(starch) processing machine

yam flour production plant introduction 

Main process of yam starch production line:

1.  yam peeling and washing section for yam starch production line:The purpose of this unit is to get rid of sandstone, clay of yam, and to deposit cleaned yam in the yam temporary hopper.

yam flour(starch) processing machine


yam cleaning and peeling machine

2.  Crushing section during the yam starch production line: The crushing unit is the most important step for extracting yam starch. Highly-efficient crushing machine will release the starch in yam at most.


3.  Centrifugal extracting section during the yam starch production line:The yam starch slurry and residue  will be separated from the starch milk.

4.  Desanding section during the yam starch production line: Removing the sand in the starch slurry.

5.  Concentration and refining section during the yam starch production line:Working through the hydroclone, there are 2 steps, including concentration and refining so that we can get purier starch slurry.

6.  Vacuum dewatering section during the yam starch production line: The starch slurry is pumped into inlet tank of vacuum dewatering machine. Then the vacuum rotary drum will adsorb the starch on the drum surface and the filtrate is transferred out of the system by filtrate pump. The filter cake on the drum will be peeled off by peeler and then transferred to the air dryer by screw conveyor.

7.  Air-stream drying section during the y starch yam production line: After dewatering process, the air dryer will dry the starch to the required moisture of the commercial starch.

yam flour production plant introduction : 

     To produce high qualtiy yamflour, The fresh roots must be healthy without rot and well handled from farm. The roots should be processed within 24 hours after harvesting.

1,yam washing and peeling: Before peeling , the raw yam will be washed first to remove the sand , mud and other impuirty.  Peeling is essnetial work for making high quality yam flour.After washing ,the yam will peeled by he yam peeling machine.  

2,Wet milling: The peeled yam will be trasnport into clean stainless steel yam milling machine to obtain uniformly smooth mash.The yam mash must be uniformly smooth without lumps. The smoothness of the mash determines the quality, yield and market value of the finished yam flour. 

3,Dewatering: For commerical automatic production, we use the press filter to press the yam mash for removing the water as much as possible.

4,Cake breaking : After press, the yam mash will be pressed to yam cake. The yam cake will be transport into milling machine for breaking into wet powder form.  

5,Drying and sieving: The special designed yam flour drying machine will dry the wet yam in few seconds. After drying ,the moisture level of yam flour can meet national regulatory standards. Then the yam flour will be sievied to separate the big particle flour.

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