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Cassava starch has many functions.

Not many people know about tapioca starch.  It belongs to a kind of starch, but compared with common starch, cassava starch has more uses.  The following little editor will talk about the efficacy of tapioca starch, and by the way, how to eat tapioca, let's have a look at it for interested friends.

Cassava starch has many functions. It is not only a helper for making delicious food, but also the best material for making beverages and candies.  Many foods we eat at ordinary times contain tapioca starch.  Such as ham sausage, chewing gum, etc.

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Use of Cassava Starch

1. Food

Cassava starch is widely used in various food formulations, such as baked goods, which are used to make extruded small food and cassava beads.  Modified starch or starch derivatives have been used as binders, thickeners, bulking agents and stabilizers, and are also the best sweeteners, extenders, flavor carriers and fat substitutes.  Foods that frequently use tapioca starch include frozen foods, canned foods, dry mixed foods, snacks, baked foods, condiments, sausages, soup bases, dairy products, meat and fish products, and baby foods.

2. Candy

Candy is children's favorite. Cassava starch and various modified starches have many uses in candy production, such as thickening, gelling, stabilizing systems, enhancing foaming, bonding, controlling crystallization, forming films, adding luster, etc.  Low viscosity tapioca starch is widely used in gelatinized candy.  If frozen and chewing gum.  The most commonly used is acidolysis starch, because it has very good reversibility and gelling ability, and these characteristics become more obvious when encountering sugar.  Cassava starch is usually used to make mold release agent in candy.  Starch-based glycan realizes the production of sugar-free chewing gum.

3. Beverages

Many beverages we drink contain starch, which is used as colloid stabilizer in beverages containing solid components.  Cassava starch sweetener is higher than sucrose in beverages, because the former improves the processing process and strengthens the product characteristics, and can fully meet the needs of consumers when combined with other sweeteners.  High degree of hydrolysis syrup formed by hydrolysis of cassava starch is an ideal source of easily fermented sugar in beer brewing.

4. Chemical Industry

Cassava starch is not only used for food, but also can be produced at low cost through acidolysis or enzymolysis, thus being used as a raw material for producing various chemicals, such as sodium glutamate, organic acids, amino acids, ethanol, ketones, vitamins, antibiotics and the like.

5. Paper Making

Cassava starch can also be used to make paper, you still don't know.  It is often used in the paper industry because tapioca starch can effectively improve the quality of paper, productivity and pulp utilization.

6. Textile

In the textile industry, cassava starch is often used as sizing agent to harden and protect yarns in order to improve the efficiency of textile.  Used as finishing agent to produce smooth cloth;  Toner to obtain clear, wear-resistant printed fabric.  For textile applications, the effect of using lightly cooked starch is more ideal.

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