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wheat flour gluten washing machine

4 points to learn about facial washing equipment

Whether baked gluten or cool gluten is very hot. So do you know how gluten is made? In fact, most people do not understand the process of producing gluten. For many gluten on the ground, there are small handmade workshops and regular gluten factories. Now consumers can see the good quality and clean regular gluten most of the machine wash out, the four major washing machine today important introduction to use the face washing machine to do gluten washing machine operation of the four key process.


The first is the face:

Pour 1:0.6 share of flour and water into the Hopper, turn on and wash the noodles and noodles, and turn and reverse the repeated surfaces for about 12 minutes.

And then wake up:

Awakening is to ferment the yeast in the flour. You only need to turn off the machine and leave it for 12 minutes to complete the awakening process.

Here's the face wash:

Before washing, add 30 pounds of water to the inside first, and the next step can be started to wash the face. The washing time is about 3 minutes, and then shut down for grouting.

Next to filter the batter:

Move the splitter on the machine to the location, plug in the filter, and initially arrange the slurry.

Repeat four times according to the process of washing and filtering the batter to wash the gluten. After removing the gluten, remember to clean the batter and use it the next time.

The above four operation processes are the most important four key skills of the face washing machine operation. If you also have doubts about the operation process of the face washing machine, please consult the four largest face washing machine.

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