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Prospects for the development of potato staple foods

Prospects for the development of potato staple foods

Potato is the fourth food crop in the world after wheat, rice and corn. It has a history of more than 400 years in China. Potato is one of the main grain and vegetable crops in our country, which has high development and utilization value. With the development of potato staple food strategy, it is of great significance to the development of grain industry in China.

Potato is very attractive as a staple food. Potato that used to be humble really has to turn around and become a staple food. The strategy of potato staple food is to vigorously promote the processing of staple foods such as potato bread, noodles, and rice flour. This year at major exhibitions, potatoes changed the common image of vegetables and auxiliary ingredients to become the protagonist. Including potato starch, potato whole powder, potato compound powder, powder, potato noodles, potato quail and other products, in various forms.

Potato has the nutrition of food, vegetables and fruits, and is more resistant to storage, adaptable, distributed throughout the world, has a long industrial chain, and a wide range of processed products. Therefore, potato planting and processing is regarded by the United Nations as a green gold industry with economic benefits, social benefits, ecological benefits and sustainable development.

The potato staple food has promoted the potato deep processing industry chain. Modern deep processing and processing is an important part of potato appreciation. The potato processing equipment of the Chinese brand has long been exported to the United States, the European Union, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Fresh potatoes are not well preserved, and can be preserved for a long time after being turned into potatoes. Storage and transportation are also very convenient. At present, the cost of processing potato in China is too high. The utilization of industrialization is only 20 %, and foreign countries have reached more than 50 %. At present, the best product for dehydration processing of potatoes is potato whole powder, which is based on high-quality potatoes with high dry matter content. Powdered material with a moisture content of less than 10 % after cleaning, peeling, slicing, scalding, cooling, cooking, mud making, drying, sifting, etc.. Potato whole powder mainly includes potato grain whole powder and potato snow pollen. They are two different styles of whole powder products derived from the different dehydration and post-treatment methods of the processing process.

The end of the potato industry chain and the main grain does not mean that fresh potatoes are eaten. It is reported that the National implementation of the potato staple food strategy, the most important significance is that the sweet potato through conversion as a national reserve food use. Fresh potatoes can generally only be stored for 1 year, and processed into whole powder and raw powder can be stored for more than 10 years. It is more resistant to storage than traditional grain such as rice, corn and wheat for 3 years. Therefore, it is an inevitable choice for potato producers to promote equipment processing.

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