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Kaifeng sida starch co., ltd

Gluten washing machines for cold noodle merchants are divided into common steel plate and stainless steel, with models of 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40. Different models and materials have different prices. Please call us for advice and recommend suitable gluten washing machines for you.


Gluten is a kind of plant protein, which consists of gliadin and glutenin.  Add appropriate amount of water and a little salt to the flour, stir well and strengthen it to form dough. Then wash it repeatedly with clear water to wash away starch and other impurities in the dough. The rest is gluten.  Faced with consumers' love for gluten in the market, manual production cannot meet the demand gap of the market. Specialized gluten washing machines for food-grade cold noodle merchants can replace manual production to wash better and more efficient gluten.

For example, Kaifeng famous cuisine, Shanghai famous cuisine's sixi roasted bran, braised roasted bran, shiitake roasted bran, spiced roasted bran, and all kinds of stewed gluten, spicy hot pot gluten, hot pot shop gluten, hotpot shop gluten, kwantung boiled gluten, the main ingredients in which are porous gluten (roasted bran), sesame paste mixed gluten, rice skin gluten, cold skin gluten, rolling skin gluten, and the auxiliary materials of these famous snack specialties are all such porous gluten (roasted bran) ...

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