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describe production design for complete automatic cassava starch plant

The tapioca starch industry has been transformed from small-scale production in the past to a large-scale, mechanized development. China's starch manufacturing technology is also becoming more mature. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. The manufactured starch equipment is efficient, reliable and energy-saving.

2, strong adaptability, can support 35-400 tons of daily production of starch starch production lines of different sizes.

3. The manufacturing cost is low. Compared with similar imported products, its cost is only 1/2 to 1/4 of imported products, and the sex ratio is high.

Due to the above advantages, the starch equipment made in China is not only recognized by the majority of cassava starch manufacturers, but also has a certain degree of competitiveness in the international market.


cassava starch processing machine

In China, the process of making starch from cassava is generally as follows:

1. Using fresh cassava as raw material

Washing → disintegration → screening → sand removal → refining → concentration → dehydration → drying → packaging → storage

2.Using dried cassava chips as raw materials

Washing → disintegration → soaking → secondary disintegration → screening → sand removal → refining → bleaching → concentration → dehydration → drying → packing → storage

After many years of production practice, the above-mentioned cassava starch production process route has only compact equipment layout, small footprint, low energy consumption, good starch product quality, and basically realized mechanization of operations, high production efficiency, and a larger social environment. improve.

The following is the process line of the above cassava starch production line, the main equipment and production capacity selected, the main raw materials, power (water, electricity, steam) unit consumption (based on per ton of commercial starch), and the cassava starch quality indicators are shown in Appendix 1. Among them, 95% of the products are above the premium grade.

1.Drum cleaning and peeling machine

Drum cleaning and peeling machine is mainly used to remove debris such as cassava skin, soil, sand and stone. It is driven by the motor to keep the drum from turning continuously. Cassava is fed from one end of the drum cleaning and peeling machine through a conveyor, and it is continuously turned forward. The inner walls are constantly rubbing against each other, combined with high-pressure water spray washing, and the debris such as cassava skin, soil, sand and stones are washed away from the slag discharge holes and grooves on the drum, so that the cassava can be peeled and washed.

2, shredder

Crushing is a key process for cassava processing. Commonly used equipment are hammer mill, grater, rod mill and so on. At present, more hammer hammers are used.

3, curved sieve

The performance of the screening machine directly affects the starch recovery rate and quality. Because the curved screen has the advantages of compact structure, reliable performance, good screening effect (slag content under the screen is less than 0.02g / l), and long service life of the screen surface, currently, It is widely used in the starch industry. Has gradually replaced the flat screen, centrifugal screen.

4.Disc separator

The application of the dish divider in starch production has changed the traditional starch production method. Its main function is to remove impurities such as protein, fat and fine fiber from starch milk, and to refine and concentrate starch milk. Is a more precise starch separation equipment.

5. Horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge:

The horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge is a machine for solid-liquid separation. It is used to automatically and cyclically perform feeding → dehydration → discharge → feeding cycle operation at full speed.

6.Negative pressure pulse air drying system

Negative pressure pulse air drying is a continuous and efficient fluidized drying method. The main principle of the work is that under the negative pressure state of the pipeline system, the hot airflow exchanges heat and quality with the powdery material suspended in the hot air duct. Due to the variation of the diameter of some sections of the air duct, a pulsed airflow is generated, which aggravates the interior of the tube. The materials are constantly tumbling, and the hot air and starch are fully contacted. The water in the wet starch is vaporized and taken away by the hot air. To achieve the purpose of drying starch. The dried starch passes through the cyclone separator and flows to the sieving machine through the air blower.

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