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Application of cassava starch

     Kaifeng sida agricultural products equipment co., LTD., founded in April 1994, formerly known as kaifeng sida agricultural products deep processing complete set equipment factory, was renamed as kaifeng sida agricultural products equipment co., LTD. In 2004, it is a professional enterprise researching, developing and producing complete sets of agricultural products deep processing equipment.Existing leading products: potato starch complete sets of equipment;Complete equipment for wheat starch;Complete equipment for corn starch;Advanced caramel, maltose, glucose and high fructose syrup stainless steel equipment;Complete equipment for drying Chinese medicinal materials and flowers;Crystal fans machine and other more than 20 products.The double helix gluten machine is the first of its kind.Airflow collision eddy current type flash dryer reached the advanced level, drum vacuum filter and cyclone unit technology content reached the leading level.The core technology project, directly processing and transforming malt syrup and glucose syrup from crushed rice and corn raw grains, can make the interests of enterprises greater.The company has 16 rights, 6 of which are inventions.It has been awarded as "high-tech enterprise of henan province", "high-tech enterprise of henan province" and "excellent technological innovation enterprise of henan province", and its products have been awarded as "high-tech products of henan province".Kaifeng is a "contract and trustworthy enterprise", "project demonstration enterprise".Through the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, the company's chairman zhang shiling is the vice President of henan national chamber of commerce.

Sida company has strong advantages and unique advantages in the manufacturing industry of complete sets of equipment for deep processing of agricultural products. In addition to finalizing the products, we can design the equipment according to the requirements of users.Compared with other manufacturers in the same industry, the company's products have stronger integrity, not a single product production enterprises.The price of the product is lower than that of other manufacturers in the same industry.The company has a sound pre - sales, sales, after - sales service system.Products are sold to ningxia, heilongjiang, xinjiang, shandong, yunnan, fujian and other more than 20 provinces and regions, a high domestic market share, and exports to South Africa, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, north Korea, Syria, Australia, uzbekistan, Russia, Nigeria, etc., trusted by the majority of users.Sida company is based on quality, customer first, based on the perfect pre-sale and after-sale service market, constantly growing and developing.We will use the reliable quality assurance system, the outstanding service consciousness and lets the customer benefit the management idea, leads in the colleague

Cassava starch is a process in which cassava starch processing equipment processes cassava starch into cassava starch through a series of processes.A lot of people in our life will say, we want to produce high-quality cassava starch, in order to increase our efficiency, what factors affect the quality of cassava starch?Kaifeng sida tapioca starch processing equipment company to help you analyze.

1. The paper

Modified starch used in paper industry can improve paper quality, productivity and pulp utilization.Cationic starch can be used to flocculate pulp and improve the dehydration efficiency of the wet end.The starch retained on the finished paper can be used as an internal sizing agent to increase the strength of the paper.Low viscosity starches, such as oxidized starches, can be used as surface sizing agents to enhance paper strength and improve ink absorption during printing and writing.Modified starch is also used as a binder in pigment coatings to produce glossy, white high-grade paper.

2. Textile

In order to improve textile efficiency in textile industry, cassava starch is often used as sizing agent to harden and protect yarn.Used as finishing agent to produce smooth cloth;Used as a brightener to obtain clear and durable printed fabrics.For textile applications, the use of lightly cooked starch is more ideal.

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