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Sweet potato starch processing and production equipment

Kaifeng sida agricultural products equipment co., LTD., founded in April 1994, formerly known as kaifeng sida agricultural products deep processing complete set equipment factory, was renamed as kaifeng sida agricultural products equipment co., LTD.Existing leading products: potato starch complete sets of equipment;Complete equipment for wheat starch;Complete equipment for corn starch;Advanced caramel, maltose, glucose and high fructose syrup stainless steel equipment;Complete equipment for drying Chinese medicinal materials and flowers;Crystal fans machine and other more than 20 products.The double helix gluten machine is the first of its kind.Airflow collision eddy current type flash dryer reached the advanced level, drum vacuum filter and cyclone unit technology content reached the leading level.The core technology project, which USES crushed rice and corn as raw materials to directly process and transform malt syrup and glucose syrup, can greatly benefit enterprises.The company has 16 rights, 6 of which are inventions.It has been awarded as "high-tech enterprise of henan province", "high-tech enterprise of henan province" and "excellent technological innovation enterprise of henan province", and its products have been awarded as "high-tech products of henan province".Kaifeng city is "contract and trustworthy enterprises", "project demonstration enterprises".Through the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, the company's chairman zhang shiling is the vice President of henan national chamber of commerce.

Sida company has strong advantages and unique advantages in the manufacturing industry of complete sets of equipment for deep processing of agricultural products. In addition to finalizing the products, we can design the equipment according to the requirements of users.Compared with other manufacturers in the same industry, the company's products have stronger integrity, not a single product production enterprises.Compared with other manufacturers in the same industry, the price of the product Z is lower, 50% more energy saving than similar products.The company has a sound pre - sales, sales, after - sales service system.Products are sold to ningxia, heilongjiang, xinjiang, shandong, yunnan, fujian and other more than 20 provinces and regions, a high domestic market share, and exports to South Africa, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, north Korea, Syria, Australia, uzbekistan, Russia, Nigeria, etc., trusted by the majority of users.Sida company is based on quality, customer first, based on the perfect pre-sale and after-sale service market, constantly growing and developing.We will use the reliable quality assurance system, the outstanding service consciousness and lets the customer benefit the management idea, leads in the colleague.

Also known as sweet potato, sweet potato is a kind of crops are common in our life, whether south or north in our country, and foreign cities inside there are sweet potatoes, basically in the process of we produce a lot of sweet potatoes, we tend to think of the sweet potato into starch, to make all kinds of products, at the time of our science and technology is not developed enough, our machining sweet potato starch is how?This is the traditional process.Kaifeng sida sweet potato starch equipment company helps you popularize.

Choose high-quality sweet potatoes

First of all, we should be on sweet potato raw material choice, because of different varieties of sweet potato, what we produce quality and starch content is also different, if we want to lake powder processing good quality, we must make some bad to pick out of sweet potato, the sweet potato is not suitable for processing of starch materials, not only will also infect other sweet potato, so will cause the low quality of starch.

2. Manual cleaning

Pour the selected fresh potatoes into the jar and add water. Turn over and wash them manually. Remove and drain the remaining water after washing.

3. The broken

The fresh potato after pouring water is broken into pieces with crusher, the size of a piece is 2 centimeters or less, in order to facilitate grinding.

4. Grind and filter

This is the main link of sweet potato starch production, which affects product quality and starch yield.Send the fresh potato chips to stone mill or emery mill and grind them into potato paste with water. The ratio of the weight of fresh potato to the amount of water added is 1:3-3.5.Then pour the potato paste into a sieve with a 60 mesh diameter for filtration.

5. The pulp

The filtered starch milk is put into a VAT, and then acid slurry and water are added proportionally to adjust the acidity and concentration of the starch milk.The acidity and concentration of starch emulsion are closely related to the precipitation of starch and protein.If the starch lactic acid is too large, starch and protein precipitation at the same time, the starch separation is not clear.If the acidity is too small, the protein and starch will not precipitate well. They are emulsion and cannot be separated.According to production experience, ph value of acid slurry is 3.6-4.0.The concentration of starch emulsion in the VAT was 3.5-4.0, the amount of acid slurry added was 2% of the starch emulsion, and the ph value of the starch emulsion after adding acid slurry was 5.6.If the temperature is high, fast fermentation, the amount of acid slurry can be reduced.

6. Skim tank and sit tank

Add the slurry and let stand for 20-30 minutes, then the slurry can be skimmed.Remove the slops from the top and the mixture of protein, fiber and a small amount of starch.After skimming the bottom layer of starch mixed with water, transferred into starch milk, starch precipitation.In the precipitation process from the acid slurry fermentation, said sitting cylinder.Temperature and time should be controlled when sitting in the cylinder.The temperature of the cylinder is about 20 degrees Celsius.Keep warm in cold weather or use hot water when adding water.The sitting-vat fermentation must be thoroughly stirred during the fermentation process to complete the fermentation.Sitting time is 24 hours commonly, day heat can shorten accordingly a few times.After fermentation, starch precipitates.

Filtration of liraglutide is used

The acid slurry produced by the sitting cylinder is called two-sum slurry, which is the main acid slurry used in the acid slurry method.The sour milk that ferments normally has delicate fragrance, pulp color is like white milk.If the fermentation is insufficient or too much fermentation of acid slurry, color and flavor are poor, for the pulp when the effect is not.Skimming is the top of the acid slurry skimming as the use of pulp.The starches after skimming are screened with a fine sieve with a mesh of 120.The contents on the screen are fine slag, which can be used as feed.Sieve material for starch, into a small VAT.After the starch is transferred into the small VAT, rinse the starch with water for about 24 hours to prevent fermentation.

Being a powder

After the starch precipitates in the small cylinder, the upper liquid is small slurry, which can be used together with acid slurry, or used as grinding water.After skimming, the starch surface is left with a layer of pale oil powder, which is an impure starch containing protein.Oil powder can be washed away from the surface of starch with water, and the leaching liquid can be used as the nutrient material for cultivating acid slurry.

'levies dry

Through the above process, wet starch is obtained.It must be dried for easy storage and transportation.Use sunshine to bask in commonly dry or send person room to dry.

That's how we made sweet potato starch in the old days.But this approach is cumbersome.In order to facilitate us to get better quality starch, we developed a sweet potato starch equipment in kaifeng sida. What are the specific benefits?Please follow us for more information.

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