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Stainless steel twin-screw automatic wheat processing gluten machine-wheat processing starch equipment

Double spiral washing machine

Sida double spiral washing machine has 13 core competitive advantages leading the industry trend, has been copied has never been beyond

Sida double helix flour washer the fourth-generation all-stainless steel flour washer with a single treatment of 40 bags of flour has been launched!Sida washing gluten machine is according to the market demand, in the original single capacity of 10, 20, 30 bags of flour on the basis of introduced., 40 bales of large stainless steel washing machine, a single wash 1000 kilograms, conversion is under a single wash one tonne of large stainless steel washing machine, many noodle processing machinery has become the necessary equipment, so it is about the performance of the interests of many businesses, the double helix that wash machine process:

Sida double helix washing machine has 13 core competitive advantages leading the industry trend, which has been copied and never been surpassed:

1, the washing machine adopts high-quality 304 food grade stainless steel, not easy to have surface stains and residues, so that the washing machine is easier to clean, will not cause bacterial residues, so that the washing out of the flour pulp is more clean, more sanitary.

2, the gluten washing machine USES refined double helix for washing, two stainless steel helix in the washing bin at the same time to wash the dough, so that washing faster, dough flour utilization rate is higher, improve the output of flour pulp.

3, the gluten washing machine in the face without washing, washing machine can automatically complete the whole process of washing and washing, the operator will only need to put flour and water into the washing warehouse, and then open the washing machine.

4. The gluten washing machine has 13 core competitive advantages to lead the industry trend, which has been copied and never surpassed:

5, the gluten washing machine washing speed, water are adjustable, control, more increase the flexibility of the washing machine.

6, the gluten washing machine washing warehouse is the use of advanced imported water seal device, the better protection of the washing warehouse, the washing warehouse for a long time use will not appear leakage.

7, the whole machine including the frame are made of stainless steel, even for a long time and the pulp contact will not appear rusty, let the performance of the washing machine is better, longer service life.

8, gluten washing machine upgrade capacity from the original single 30 bags of flour, to the present 40 bags of flour, a single ton of real large washing machine

9, the gluten washing machine imported water seal multi-channel seal, the realization of the real watertight machine

10. The patented technology of gluten washing machine has been used for 14 years, continuously innovating the product technology and adapting to the market demand

11. The true 5-8mm steel plate of the gluten washing machine makes the overall compaction more durable

12, gluten washing machine high, medium and low three stop pulp outlet, pulp more time saving

13, automatic gluten washing machine, the row of the rib mouth, row more convenient

Sida specializes in the production of starch deep processing equipment manufacturers, double spiral washing machine patented technology for 14 years, early is used as the first process of wheat starch equipment flour mixing washing and flour use, with the market demand increasingly refined, slowly as a separate product sales.Sida gluten washing machine, high turnover of gluten washing machine.Welcome new and old customers to visit and buy.Whatsapp:0086-18438491113

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