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The advantages of the modern Galil processing machine designed by SDA

Locally made Garry processing machine for cassava processing produced in Nigeria VS. Modern Gary Machine

The advantages of the modern Galil processing machine designed by SDA

1. High degree of automation and large production capacity: Generally, modern Galil processing machines have a higher degree of automatic work and higher efficiency, which can not only save labor and processing time, but also can produce more gari at the same time You. Therefore, if you want to carry out commercial manufacturing, it is recommended that you choose a modern processing machine designed by SDA to improve economic efficiency.

2. Better Garry quality: Our Garry processing machine is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, which is more in line with food production requirements. The final quality of Wei arri is better.

3. Provide high-quality after-sales service: we can not only provide you with machines, but also design the factory layout according to your factory site. In addition, we also provide services such as equipment installation, commissioning and operator training. SDA companies pay more attention to service. We always adhere to the user's point of view, and promptly and thoughtfully help them solve the problem of the g machine, so as to ensure that the machine can play a greater value in their hands.

No matter which type of Garry processing machine you choose, you can finally realize Garry's production. It all depends on you. SDA can provide suitable Gary processing machines according to your requirements. No matter how big a Gary processing machine you need, we can provide it for you. Welcome to leave your information about the demand for the Gary processing machine in the box below, and our project manager will contact you as soon as possible.


Gary is a staple food in Nigeria. With the rapid development of science and continuous technological innovation, garri processing methods have gradually eliminated the traditional man-made methods and switched to mechanized garri production in Nigeria. But the degree of mechanization, design and principle of Gary processing machines in different regions. Just like the Gary processing machine made locally in Nigeria and the modern Gary processing machine designed by SDA. They have many differences.

Despite the big differences, the functions of the Gary Machine are basically the same. Both the local-made Galil processing machine in Nigeria and the modern Galil processing machine designed by SDA include the following processes: cassava peeling and washing-cassava grinding-fermentation-pressing and dewatering-Galil frying-sieving and packaging.

The following is a picture of the garri machine made locally in Nigeria and its advantages:

Compared with modern Garry processing machines, buying locally made Garry processing machines in Nigeria can save more time. But now, it is no longer its biggest advantage. Because SDA's overseas organization has been established in Nigeria. Dozens of stand-alone machines include cassava slicer, Gary fryer, hydraulic press, etc. All these machines have arrived at SDA's overseas offices. The operation of SDA's overseas offices can easily deliver on time and shorten delivery times while maintaining the highest quality standards. All after-sales services will be completed in Nigeria.

At the same time, the local-made Gary processing machine in Nigeria is cheaper, in large part because it is less mechanized and has a higher degree of human involvement. In fact, the price of SDA's Gary processor is not very high. As the saying goes, ‘what you get is reward.

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