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How to choose the location of a cassava starch processing plant?

How to choose the location of a cassava starch processing plant?

Is it possible to establish a cassava starch processing factory on any vacant land? Of course not, cassava starch processing plants belong to food processing plants. The site selection needs to strictly comply with national regulations, comply with national development plans, save land, do not occupy or reduce arable land and forest land, and also consider transportation, water sources, electricity, plant size, and other aspects to achieve comprehensive coverage. We will analyze the site selection of cassava starch processing plants one by one.

Near the cassava supply area

Cassava starch processing plants should be located close to the supply areas of cassava raw materials. If the starch in cassava is stored for too long, it will be converted into sugar, and the content of starch will decrease, resulting in a decrease in flour output. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a location as close as possible to the cassava supply area, which not only avoids the long transportation time of cassava on the road, but also reduces transportation costs.

Transportation connectivity

The cassava starch processing plant should be built in a location with convenient transportation, close to the highway, which not only facilitates the transportation of cassava raw materials, but also facilitates the transportation of processed cassava starch to the sales market.

Adequate water source

The cassava starch processing plant is located near the water source to ensure sufficient and clean water supply. The processing of cassava starch requires a large amount of water consumption, and cassava starch processing belongs to the food processing industry. The processing water must meet the standards for drinking water quality, namely soft water, pollution-free, pathogen free, and free or low in heavy metals. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the issue of sewage discharge.

Adequate and stable power supply

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The power supply in the starch factory should be sufficient and stable. The processing of starch in the project is completed by machine operation. Once there is a power outage or power instability, the processing of cassava starch will stop. If the time is too long, it will cause material deterioration, which will affect the processing progress and may cause certain economic losses. Therefore, the production of cassava starch processing plants needs to maintain sufficient and stable power supply to avoid power outages The occurrence of power outages.

Site size

Choosing the location of a cassava starch processing plant should also take into account the size of the plant. If automated cassava starch processing equipment is used, it only needs to be operated in a closed manner within the workshop, occupying less land. However, if it is necessary to build sedimentation tanks to purify starch and open air drying yards to dry starch, larger factories need to be selected.

The above is the establishment of a cassava starch processing factory. The selection of the factory site needs to be combined with the cassava supply area, transportation, water source, electricity, and factory site to comprehensively select a suitable factory site. If you have plans to build a cassava starch factory, our professional team of project engineers can provide you with factory site selection and construction plans. At the same time, our factory currently has various models of prototypes, welcome to come and inspect

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