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What is industrial extraction method of processing cassava starch

What is industrial extraction method of processing cassava starch-how to make tapioca starch from cassava

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What is industrial extraction method of processing cassava starch?-how to make tapioca starch from cassava cassava starch processing machine manufacturer.jpg

As the demand for tapioca starch increases, industrial extraction methods for processing tapioca starch have become more and more popular. It is highly efficient and saves a lot of labor. So do you want to know what is the industrial extraction method of cassava starch? There is a video that clearly shows the entire extraction process.

 Use advanced starch wet processing technology to extract tapioca starch. The industrial extraction method of cassava starch mainly includes 9 parts:

Preparation of raw materials-raw materials are supplied and weighed.

◉Washing and cleaning-Dry sieve is used to remove impurities in cassava tubers, and paddle washing machine is used to further remove mud, peel and other impurities in cassava tubers.

◉ Grinding-The cassava shredder cuts the cassava chunks into small pieces for further crushing. Rasper will completely crush the cassava into pulp under high-speed rotation.

◉Separation-Larger fibers are removed by a centrifugal sieve, and fine fibers are further removed by a fine fiber sieve.

◉Purification-hydrocyclone station machine is used for washing, concentrating and purifying starch slurry.

◉Dehydration-Peeler centrifuge is used to dehydrate starch milk.

◉Drying-flash dryer is used to dry starch with a moisture content of 10%-14%.

◉Packaging-The tapioca starch automatic packaging machine packs the tapioca starch in a bag for sale.

◉PLC system-highly automated. The whole process of cassava starch extraction can be completed by PLC automatic control system, no need to put into actual operation, which can greatly reduce the labor demand.

cassava starch processing machine manufacturer

The industrial extraction method of cassava starch has many advantages. If you want to make high-quality tapioca starch, please contact us for more information. 

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