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The difference between tapioca starch, sweet potato starch, potato starch and corn starch

With the improvement of people's living standard, starch has been widely used in our table, starch plays a more important role in our home dishes, we are more commonly used sweet potato starch, cassava starch and corn starch how to distinguish.

The sweet potato starch is a little darker and not as white as the corn starch.

Corn starch taste.You can't compare it to sweet potatoes.If the change of strength, you can add appropriate cassava starch.The natural tendons of tapioca starch.If the texture is as soft as red potato starch.A potato.There is a way to add sweet potato starch processing process kind of discarded yellow pulp.The second is really the whole people do trust the brand.So you can go further.

Fans of corn starch high amylose content, do fans are hard, brittle, taste is not good, and now also can't literally health standards of fans to join additives such as east west, so if you want to do like sweet potato fans, fans, or in the real genuine materials, only in this way can long-term development, can occupy the market.

Simply put, because of the essential difference between corn starch and sweet potato starch, the fans made of corn starch are not as good as those made of sweet potato starch in taste and cooking resistance.

Although the right amount of cassava starch can improve the cooking resistance of the corn starch when making vermicelli (or vermicelli), the vermicelli taste bad.In addition, as our friends in the potato industry said: as for those chemical additives you still do not have to...

1, Corn Starch, Corn Starch

Corn starch is also called corn starch, corn starch, corn starch, cornstarch, cornstarch, and some places called bean flour (this is indeed rare), is extracted from corn kernels starch -- the largest supply of starch, but not as good as potato starch performance.In Hong Kong, cornstarch is the main ingredient.

2 cornstarch, Potato Starch

Raw potato starch, potato starch -- the most stable starch used in our family.Characteristics are sticky foot, fine texture, white color, luster is better than mung bean starch, but poor water absorption.Add water to meet heat to be able to condense transparent stickiness shape, often mix too white pink to add cold water to mix on Chinese style cook (especially stage dish) add the dish that cook good to do hook a tz after the balance, make soup juice looks thick, make food appearance looks luster at the same time.Port vegetable juice is generally used raw powder (corn flour).However, the broth with cornstarch thickening will become thinner when cooled, while the sauce with cornstarch thickening will not change when cooled.

Too white powder can not be directly heated water mixing or put into hot food, it will immediately coagulate into a block and can not cook loose.After the food boiled with too much white flour is cooled, the juice will become thinner, which is called "return water". Therefore, corn starch is often used to make pastry to achieve the characteristics of stickiness without too much white powder.

PS: note that it is different from Potato Flour (also known as "Potato Flour").In addition, it is often used in western breads or cakes to add moisture to the product.

3 powder, Sweet potatoes, Sweet Potato Starch

Also known as sweet potato starch, yam starch, characterized by the ability to absorb water, but poor viscosity, dull, dark red belt black color.It is the powder that makes by sweet potato starch, general sweet potato pink shows grain shape, have coarse grain and fine grain two kinds, it is better to buy with coarse grain sweet potato pink at home normally.Sweet potato powder and taibai powder are the same, melt in water after heating will appear viscous, and the viscosity of sweet potato powder is higher than taibai powder, therefore, in the thickening of Chinese dishes, less use sweet potato powder, because the viscosity is more viscous control.

Sweet potato powder is widely used in Chinese dim sum.

4, kudzu powder

Kudzu powder is made from the underground knotted stems of a perennial plant called Arrowroot, whose entire knotted stems are almost pure starch.Kudzu powder can be used for the liquid becomes thick, cornstarch and corn starch powder, and the role of similar, but jade rice starch, potato starch that need to be at a higher temperature will make the soup presents thickened, while ge powder at low temperature, therefore, like American containing egg pudding, because eggs is very easy to agglomerate at high temperatures, this time is very suitable for kudzu powder was used as thickening agent.Some recipes will call it Flour or Arrowroot.

Flour. Tapioca Flour

Tapioca starch - also known as tapioca, Thai starch (because Thailand is the third largest producer of cassava in the world, after Nigeria and Brazil, it is commonly used as starch in Thailand).Taiwan bay area gradually increased imports from southeast Asia, so the Taiwanese originally called potato starch too white powder, now also generally called cassava starch too white powder.It will be transparent when boiled in hot water, and the texture of QQ is elastic.

6, west valley coconut starch (sago palm starch)

This is not common here, but if I say sago, I believe you will be familiar with it, sago is sago rice, is a specialty of Indonesia, is made of tapioca powder, wheat starch, corn flour processed into ball-shaped powder.Sago has a natural moisturizing effect on the skin.

In the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea and many other countries in the island, growing a tree called the west valley coconut.The trunk of the west valley coconut is thick and straight and contains a lot of starch.The average westcorn coconut tree has a lifespan of 20 years and dies after flowering.People before it is flowering, cut down a tree trunk, remove the branches and leaves, horizontal cut into sections, each section of about 1 meter, longitudinal splitting into two, with the sword in the stem of the starch, into the bucket, starch is slowly sinking in the bottom, (this is what I want to say to the west valley of coconut starch), if throw away the water above, after drying can be processed into rice particles, called west tricomi local residents.This is the sago in the coconut milk sago.

Clear Roll Cake Flour

The main ingredients are corn flour, water chestnut powder and other starch


Starch - strictly speaking, it is the general name of all kinds of starch, mainly used for thickening, pastries, known as the northern flour, Shanghai as lingfen starch is not specifically refers to which kind of starch, starch is in the mainland recipes and Hong Kong style recipes often appear in the noun, is used to hook up.In mainland China and Hong Kong, corn flour is used as the raw powder, while in Taiwan, taibai powder is the most commonly used.In addition to giving the food a smooth texture in Chinese cooking, raw flour is also commonly used as one of the marinades to soften the meat.

Mung bean starch - the best starch for cornstarch thickening, but it is rarely used and yields little.It is characterized by sticky foot, small water absorption, white and shiny color.

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