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potato Starch Equipment Processing Production Line

Analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of processing production line of sweet potato starch

Under the promotion of grain industry, the sweet potato starch equipment industry still maintains a state of rapid development, but the rapid rise of the grain industry structure has caused unreasonable has blocked the development of the sweet potato starch equipment industry. After a long period of market expansion, the industry has entered a stable period of adjustment and integration, which also makes it more difficult to change. After the development in recent years, Chinese sweet potato starch equipment has played a positive role in reducing environmental pollution and improving the economic benefits of enterprises. However, due to various reasons in the grain industry, there are still certain problems and deficiencies in the sweet potato starch equipment:


potato starch equipment

1, low technical content. At present, the domestic domestic level of sweet potato starch equipment is generally low, the technology is backward, the processing cost is high, and the good efficiency of sweet potato starch equipment enterprises basically use imported equipment.

2, sweet potato starch equipment conversion rate is low. The comprehensive processing capacity is weak and the comprehensive utilization of resources is not high. Belongs to rough processing or a processing product, the industrial chain is short and the degree of industrialization is low.

3, a small variety of products, low grade. Enterprises are mostly extensive processing, primary products. Most enterprises can not achieve circular economy, causing serious pollution and becoming new sources of pollution.

4, analysis of the future of sweet potato starch equipment, sweet potato starch equipment has been developed for a long time, various indicators have become more and more mature, and now some people want to invest in sweet potato starch equipment, but fear that investment is now a little late. This time must know the development prospect of sweet potato starch equipment.

As a major grain producer, China has ensured the safe, rapid and healthy development of grain production. The product structure of sweet potato starch equipment has remained relatively stable and its quality has been continuously improved. The overall level of technology for sweet potato starch equipment is gradually improving. More and more can meet the needs of sweet potato starch equipment.

Processing process of sweet potato starch equipment in Kaifeng Sida

Fresh potato(conveyor) → cleaning(cleaning cage) → crushing(hammer Crusher or grinding machine) → slag separation(pressure flexor or centrifugal sieve, lying sieve) → sand removal(sand remover) → protein separation(disc separator, cyclone) → Dehydration(centrifuge or vacuum filter) → Drying(low temperature starch special dryer)

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