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Potato starch equipment processing line

What are the influencing factors of processing line of potato starch production equipment

The amount of raw materials(sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc.) processed per hour during the operation of potato starch processing equipment is also the first factor that customers need to consider in the process of selecting equipment. Because this determines the type of equipment you choose and the size of the investment. For example, the processing scale is not large, which belongs to the situation of traditional home-made production. It is generally recommended that you choose a combination of potato starch processing equipment with less investment and simple operation, and that raw materials be cleaned, crushed, and filtered for miscellaneous use. The starch precipitation filtration and drying process adopts traditional methods, which not only ensures that the investment is not high but also maintains the quality of the starch traditional process. At the same time, the market recognition is high, and it can be said that it is more than one stone. It is squeezed into a narrow gap formed by the inner shell of the cone grinding. Under the rotation of the inner shell of the cone grinding, the material is further squeezed, crushed, and ground, so that the starch is free from the fiber.


In the process of processing normal potato starch processing equipment, it is mainly because of the short processing period of sweet potato, the poor storage resistance of raw materials, the longer the storage time, the lower the starch content, and the tendency to decay mildew during the storage process. If the cleaning process is not timely, it will affect the quality of starch. Secondly, the added value of starch processing itself is very low. If the processing volume is very small, mechanized production will lose its meaning. All processing processes are mechanical production. Artificial only need to operate potato starch processing equipment; Compared with the standard type, the difference between the economical starch production line and the standard starch production line is that the equipment configuration is relatively simple. The material of potato starch processing equipment is mainly carbon steel material. Its service life and starch quality stability are slightly worse than the standard type. There is no difference in other aspects.

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