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Cassava starch production equipment Low cost price

The tapioca starch production line includes raw material feeding, raw material cleaning, washing, starch extraction unit, starch and residue separation unit, sand removal, starch refining system, vacuum dehydration unit, air drying system, starch screening and packaging. In the crushing section, the crushing and screening section uses the national patented sda coarse mill, and the material is filtered through a unique processing cycle in multiple stages. After multi-stage extrusion


Smash it. The tapioca starch production equipment has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high starch extraction rate and good quality. The German Optibelt and Swedish bearings of this tapioca production equipment make it strong and durable.

The whole production line of cassava starch production equipment includes: dry screen, paddle washing machine, kapok, centrifugal screen, fine fiber screen, desander, hydrocyclone station, peeling centrifuge, flash dryer, cassava starch screening machine and Packing Machine.

The focus of this article is the washing machine and washing machine in the cassava starch production equipment line.

In the cleaning part, the dry screen is the main equipment for the production of cassava starch. Fresh cassava moves along the cylinder wall in the circumferential direction on the one hand, and on the other hand moves along the axis in a straight line, which extends the cleaning distance and achieves a better cleaning effect.

The cleaning machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, low speed and stable operation.

In the washing part, the paddle washing machine is a multifunctional automatic paper feeding system. The cassava starch production equipment has good performance characteristics, the cleaning distance is extended, and it can be partially peeled. Sediments, stones and skin residues are automatically discharged through the mesh seams and the bottom drain of the shell. It has both washing function and conveying function, which reduces the height of manual feeding and makes feeding

More convenient, thereby reducing labor. Suitable for cleaning bulk materials such as cassava and banana.

The tapioca starch production equipment adopts the principle of countercurrent washing. The cassava is therefore at the entrance in the rolling cage of the washing machine, while the spiral strands are at the exit.

The tapioca starch production equipment has many advantages:

First of all, the funnel feeding reduces the difficulty of manual feeding and makes the feeding method more convenient.

Secondly, in the middle of the tapioca starch production equipment, fresh tapioca moves in a circular motion along the cylinder wall. The comprehensive cleaning distance is greater than 20 meters. And can discharge sediments, stones and skin residues through the sewage outlet part.

Third, this kind of tapioca starch production equipment for washing with washing and conveying functions does not need to add an efficient conveyor. (8 tons of cassava can be washed per hour)

Project details of tapioca starch production equipment:

1. Workshop: The project covers an area of about 400 square meters, and the workshop is generally no less than 1,000 square meters

2. Power: 380V, 3-phase, 50 Hz, maximum floating voltage is 6%, maximum floating frequency is 4%.

3. The installed capacity is about 180KW. Actual consumption is about 150KW

4. Water: The extraction section is 15-20 cubic meters/hour, which meets drinking water standards. The cleaning of the 10th knot/hour, it can be part of the cycle, can also be used for future water. (User-provided boiler) The combustion furnace can also be used in the factory.

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